Book Online Tickets for Texavi’s IMAGINEERING – IN, Mumbai. Texavi’s IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conference is a compelling platform to reckon with for the IT professionals. It’s a loud and clear call to action for all the experienced, young and aspiring IT professionals. We had carefully des

Texavi’s IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conference – Mumbai


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About The Event

Texavi’s IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conference is a compelling platform to reckon with for the IT professionals. It’s a loud and clear call to action for all the experienced, young and aspiring IT professionals. We had carefully designed the programmes and selected the speakers, keeping you in mind. Read on to know why Texavi’s IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 is a unique event just right for you!


A definitive platform to network, learn, share and experience IT

Powerful confluence of Business, Technology and Design

Hosted for the IT Professionals, by IT Professionals

Focus on emerging trends and current topics of your interest

Leaders and experienced professionals, not just preaching gurus

Interactive format with talks, panel discussions, Q & A and more

Workforce - IT Professionals...





Management professionals...

Delivery and operations

Product Development/Management

Programme and Project Management

Account Management/Sales


    Network with like-minded professionals and experts

    Get the best careers advice and support

    Learn the tricks of the trade, straight from the leaders

    Tools, techniques and actionable insights

    Get to know the best practices and success stories

    Usable takeaways, prizes, sweepstakes and more

Texavi has a track record of hosting conferences and conducting workshops for the IT professionals across the globe. We wish to leverage our experience and expertise in bringing people and Technology together. Texavi’s IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conference has it all from idea camps, networking events and career advice sessions. Join us for a day full of learning, sharing, activities, fun and more. Listen up, chime in and take away the best practical stuff for your career!



At the IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conference, Texavi is proud to bring to you an impressive lineup of leaders in the IT industry. These high-impact professionals made a mark with their visionary leadership and influence, grounded on rich experience and expertise. We give below summary profiles of the esteemed speakers from our panel.


A thought-leader and business architect, Mouli has a consistent track record of creating growth-oriented technology solutions and generating attractive ROI.

His career experience spanning over 25 years working with diverse functional, industry and international experience, earned him a reputation for incubation, business-building and transformation. Mouli has been driving innovation and value creation through agile practices and co-creation of intellectual property with customers.


With over two decades of industry and academic experience, Rajeev brings a rare blend of technology and business, based on a strong academic foundation. An entrepreneur, technologist and academician par excellence, Rajeev is passionate about technology, products and platforms. 

He mentors and coaches technology professionals in the IT industry, focusing on technical architectures, algorithms and frameworks. Rajeev co-founded the start-up company, Experience Commerce (EC), and drives the technology aspects at EC.


Leading from the front, Annie’s strategic business depth and breadth are accentuated by her ability to work with partners effortlessly. She has been helping many a small and medium enterprise in the Indian technology sector, with her skills in talent-nurturing, empowerment and co-development. 

Annie’s focus on organisational development, quality management and business excellence have fortified her core strengths of influencing and managing change. Annie brings with her the rare ability of strategic oversight as well as supporting the implementation of the solutions in enterprise applications space.



Sriram is a retail evangelist and serial entrepreneur with his hand firmly on the pulse of the Indian consumers. Passionate about books, Sriram established bookstores across India, starting with Landmark in 1988, and Walden in Hyderabad in 1990 & then the Crossword chain all over. Having the rare distinction of starting up successful ventures and leading them into great businesses, Sriram now advises firms and mentors individuals. 

He is actively involved in instituting, curating and incubating various initiatives such as the Kala Ghoda Literature Festival and Crossword Book Awards. Sriram’s interests include entrepreneurship, innovation, business strategy, incubation and business design.



With a career spanning 25 years, Mukund has seen the IT industry grow and grew alongside it from the grass-roots level. He has the breath and depth of executing and delivering large scale IT projects. Mukund’s forte is IT project management ensuring not just implementation but also effective delivery through team empowerment. 

His key focus in the last 15 years have been in the areas of System Integration, Delivery Management and advanced Technology Management. Mukund's people-oriented approach, coupled with the ability to lead multi-skilled teams helped in seeing through the smooth execution of numerous IT projects.


Panel Speakers:




Director of Cloud Engineering,

Steelwedge Software



General Manager,

India Operations Syncapse



Product Manager
Advanced Business Solutions



Mobile Practice Head
Mutual Mobile



Symphony Infotech



Chief Operating Officer
Carolina Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd



The theme of Texavi’s IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conference is Technology trends, challenges and opportunities in the Digital. Mobile. Agile. Social. The New Age solutions have a significant impact on the way we live, work and relate to each other. Alongside the opportunities and benefits, these also bring forth numerous challenges in the form of intrusion into privacy, potential risks to health and other extraneous hazards. There is no better time and place to pause and ponder about these, than at Texavi’s IMAGINEERING – INDIA, 2013 conference.


Event Agenda:

Note: This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change. We will share with you the final schedule a week before the conference.

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