The IET Wheatstone Lecture 2012

The IET Wheatstone Lecture 2012


About The Event

The IET (The Institute and Engineering and Technology) organises, The Wheatstone Lecture 2012 by Professor Christopher J. James. In the lecture, Professor James  will introduce Brain Computing Interfacing (BCI) and the field of neural engineering in general, as well as how Brain-to-brain (B2B) communication has been possible and enacted in the experiment, which was conducted with an aim of expanding the current limits of the Brain Computer interfacing technology. Professor James will also share insights on achieving brain-to-brain communication through technological innovation.  


The Wheatstone Lecture commemorates the life and work of Sir Charles Wheatstone (1802 - 1875), whose contributions to British science and engineering included work on the Cooke-Wheatstone Telegraph and the Wheatstone Bridge. The purpose of this event is to demonstrate the technologies that are relevant to the measurement, sensors, instrumentation and NDT Network and also encourage young people to take up engineering by demonstrating the exciting projects that engineers work on.

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