The Humming Tree presents Daniel Waples  Thaalavattam India Tour at anti Social Delhi

The Humming Tree presents Daniel Waples Thaalavattam India Tour at anti Social Delhi


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Daniel Waples & Thaalavattam

Curating the nuances of percussion with the energy of the hand pan, Thaalavattam and Daniel Waples come together to create a fervent organic collaboration. This summer they tour through India, covering 4 different cities Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore.

This organic collaboration traces back to the OZORA music festival, 2014 at Hungary where Montry and Daniel met, and their zealous passion for creating ‘Music With a Cause’ brought them together. 

Thaalavattam, which means ‘A Circle of Rhythm’, is Montry’s percussion-project that harnesses the universal power of music to inspire people to REDUCE, REUSE, and RETUNE. The organic grooves emerge from discarded tubes, paint cans, plastic bottles etc. which are reborn a hybrid percussion kits. Daniel Waples is famously known to travel the world & inspire smiles whilst spreading the gospel of the Hand Pan, an instrument whose melodies are associated with energy, alternative healing and one which Daniels hopes will become a symbol for universal peace inner journeys that people take in their individual paths.

For the first time in India, Thaalavattam and Daniel took stage at The Humming Tree, Bangalore in January 2016 and their performance left the crowd longing for more. Their electrifying collaboration is the flavor for the music season and their much-awaited tour this summer will be the next leap for this beautiful organic curation which we are certain will have an overwhelming response.

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