The High Presents The Local Scene Feat. Boomraa Trilogy + Oozeundat

The High Presents The Local Scene Feat. Boomraa Trilogy + Oozeundat


About The Event

It’s the second edition of the Local Scene at Da High and once again, we have some pretty insane artistes from our own little Pune scene playing right here for you!

First up is the music maniac and party paranoid, DJ/producer and visual artist Tarlok Singh under the moniker Boomraa Trilogy! Highly moved by the power of electronic music since the early age, Boomraa Triology was incepted with the determination to unleash global cutting edge groovy sounds with 10 years of continuous evolvement which started off in the early 2003 and has been an idea conceived for over a decade to find the bridge between ethnic and global sounds which justifies his journey on a 4 X 4 wheels.

Not infected by the idea of containing oneself to a specific genre, his sounds may range from deep and minimal vibes all the way to dance floor rattling thumps, making each of his performance unique. Prepare to be pushed towards the direction of higher levels of ecstatic emotions perfectly amalgamated with its better half - a visual experience forming a voyage to discover the happier side of each one of us.

Boomraa Trilogy has been taking charge of the decks at many of the major clubs in Pune and is coming to Da High to give you a dose of some epic dance music!

Also on the cards is Oozeundat!! Say whaaaat? Ooze (Roan Sable) and Dat (Sidhant Naren) are two young producers from Pune who are sure of what they’re doing! The brainchild was born through the mutual respect towards underground electronic dance music by the two, who share a passion for such music. A duo determined to produce and deliver highly thought of intensely crafted sets focusing on destroying dance floors.

Expect to be a part of a musical journey dwelling on the lines of deep, obscure and twisted techno that has been a part of the underground Pune scene for the last year! Cheggit!!

Put on your party hats and head right where you know you should be this Thursday – home sweet home!

Bladderburst Deal : Unlimited Beer @ Rs.400/head & 5 shots from 9:00 - 10:30 pm. or until you use the bathroom!     

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