At The Hacking School, we learn by doing. You choose your project, learn how build it, build it and take it to the market.

Coding Bootcamp 2.0


  • Bootcamp 2 dot 0

    Accelerated Bootcamp (10 days). Pre-reserve only. Balance to be paid at the Bootcamp

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    INR 1500
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  • Bootcamp (13 Weeks) - Reservation

    13 Week Bootcamp. Balance to be paid at the Bootcamp.

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    INR 5000
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  • Bootcamp (13 Weeks) - International Students

    Select this if you dont hold an Indian Passport. Balance to be paid at the Bootcamp.

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    USD 100
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About The Event

The Hacking School presents 'Coding Bootcamp 2.0' a shorter version of the full fledged 13 week program.

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You spend 10 days with us and leave with skills that'll take you to the next level. Our world-class instructors train you on Javascript, HTML5/CSS3 and MongoDB. The cirriculum is desgined by experts that include talent recruiters, tainers and software developers from internet and software gaints, giving you an insight to what's in demand.

Cirriculum -On Steriods:

Course Components:

Basic Operations with the Command Line
Intro to your text editor: Sublime Text
Save, manage, and share your code with Git and Github
Setup your Node Environment -- turn your computer into a coding machine
Deploy your first app online with
Introduction to Node and Node package manager.

Node : Strings, Numbers, Booleans, Arrays, Conditional logic Intermediate Concepts: Methods, JSON, Loops and Classes

Object Oriented Programming and Prototypal Inheritance
Test Driven Development
Introduction to MongoDB
Introduction to Angular.
Package management Front end
Model ,View ,Controller



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