The Fortress that Bombay Once Was

The Fortress that Bombay Once Was


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The aim of the heritage tour of Mumbai is to draw a colourful contrast between Fortified Bombay and Aamchi Mumbai that we have today through its history and architecture. 

The story starts at Town Hall (today Central Library), which is the centre of the fort, right behind which lies the harbour, where the very first of the British anchored their boats. Through Horniman Circle, we then continue walking towards the Flora fountain, a busy traffic junction today, but was once an important gate into the fort. 

From Flora Fountain we follow the road on which once stood the fortifications guarding the city. Did you ever wonder why is the area called Churchgate? We take a turn toward the Kala Ghoda District, right where the fort walls used to be, and on the moat that once was, stands the university buildings today. Once we reach the Kala Ghoda area, Mumbai's vibrant art district, which is surrounded by NGMA, Jehangir Art Gallery, David Sassoon Library and many more; let me speak to you about the impact of this area on the contemporaries today. 

Then as we finally walk towards the gateway of India, we would look at the harbour that would be busy with ships thronging back in the British Era and the architecture that the monuments there hold now. And finally, the story would end at this very place from where the last of British left for their home.

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Starts At

Central Library Gate (~ 837 Kms away)


500 for exigencies

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Artists, Architects, and everybody who loves history.


Carry caps and sunscreen in order to avoid summertime sadness

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