Book Online Tickets for The Essentials of HR Legal Compliances, Kolkata. Don’t put your organization at risk — make sure every step you take is legally sound and compliant
HR professionals and managers need to understand the legal framework that underpins the employment relationship. This practic

The Essentials of HR Legal Compliances


About The Event

Don’t put your organization at risk — make sure every step you take is legally sound and compliant


HR professionals and managers need to understand the legal framework that underpins the employment relationship. This practical course follows the employment lifecycle from entry to exit and focuses on the core areas of law and practice.


As an HR professional, the number of legal issues you need to be aware of can be overwhelming. Especially when you consider the increasingly litigious nature of our society — and the many nuances of employment law. At this intensive course, you’ll cover the core skills it takes to safely interview job candidates, counsel employees and mediate disputes.


You’ll take part in practical exercises that give you a chance to practice and refine dozens of new HR techniques. With all that is at stake, this is an investment that is well worth your time and money to gain peace of mind.


Spend a day away from the office and


on your HR challenges and new tools for 
meeting them confidently and legally.


Course objectives:

To provide the knowledge you need to legally and ethically manage human resources in your organization.


Who should attend?

This course is aimed at HR professionals. The course will also be relevant to line managers and directors of SMEs who need to fully understand their people management responsibilities and the risks.



•Mr. R.P Yadav- Former Chairman, ISTD – Kolkata Chapter & CMD Genius Consultant Ltd.

•Mr. Samir C. Basu- Former Corporate HR Manager – Everready Industries India Ltd, Master of PM & IR from TISS

•Mr. Saroj K Chaki – General Manager – HR & Crew Management, Quippo Construction Equipment Ltd


Our HR training program will show you how to:

** A clear understanding of HR legal requirements

** Applicable labour laws in the industry

** The intent and requirements of the laws

** Practical challenges and situations

** Confidence to deal with difficult situations within the law

** Reduce your organization’s risk of being held liable in employee management situations

** Navigate the complexities of employment law and the court’s interpretation of it

** Avoid danger zones that can trip up even the most seasoned HR professional

** Develop a consistent approach for every manager to use in handling employee issues

** Meet the demands of changing legislation and varying interpretations of laws

** Create a workplace environment that treats employees both fairly and legally

** Implement new employment management techniques that boost productivity

** Eliminate all forms of harassment and discrimination to create a safe work environment for all

** And much more!


In one information-packed HR training workshop, you’ll learn how to handle the legal issues and gray areas you face every day. In this course, you’ll also learn to anticipate and sidestep problems before they arise. If you deal with the legal issues surrounding human resources as an HR professional — or even as a manager or supervisor — you need to enroll today!


Course Modules:

 •Laws Related To Employment & Conditions of Service

•Laws Related To Industrial Relations

•Laws Related To Wage Payment

•Laws Related To Welfare & Social Securities

•Laws Related Children, Women & Other Deprived And Disadvantaged Sections Of The Society


Course materials:

Participants will receive comprehensive course materials.


Course Certification

Attendees successfully completing this course receive a Certificate of Attainment for this Training Course.


5 REASONS You Should Enroll Right Now

1. What you learn could help you protect your organization from being sued, saving thousands of rupees.
2. You will learn how to think like the court, so you’ll immediately sense if your policies and procedures are veering off course.
3. Every organization needs an HR department that is knowledgeable in employment law — you are its onsite resource.
4. The practices you will learn have the power to increase employee productivity and loyalty organization-wide.
5. The information you gain will make you a more valuable employee and boost you toward your own personal career goals.


Venue:  The Senator Hotel, Kolkata


For any assistance and queries,

Contact : Sibasish Guha

Phone : +91 98311 45556

Email :




Registration Charges: Rs. 1,600** per participant (inclusive service tax)


 **Fees include lunch, tea, training kit etc.

**Participants will receive accredited certificate from ISTD in Association with The Learning Academy


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