The Christmas Foam Party @ Pyramid Pool Side

The Christmas Foam Party @ Pyramid Pool Side


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    (3 free shots)

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    INR 600
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  • Stag accompanied with couple
    (3 free shots)

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About The Event

The christmas foam party (loads of foamalicious fun with a separate foam dance floor)

Partying on a christmas eve with santa claus around is so much of fun & enjoyment 

Hey all my party lovers get ready to get some surprising gifts from santa, dont miss the chance to meet santa claus and ofcourse our party is kept in an open venue which will be decorated to the theme of christmas with some fascinating lights & decor all over.

Pune this is going to be the party destination you are wanting to witness & feel the christmas season vibe.

Book your passes as soon as possible!!! 

  • Not forgetting every pass holder to avail 3 free shots before 7 pm. So dont think just get along all your friends & be rest assured for best.
  • Last but not the least have loads of foamalicious fun with a separate foam dance floor. 
  • This will be 1 full package of fun , joy , laughter & memories on a christmas eve that will last for a lifetime.

A Little about Foam Parties:

A foam party is the best thing since someone invented the nightclub.

Although the idea of dancing away and then having thousands of gallons of foam sprayed and poured all over you until you are covered to neck height may sound a bit weird or even horrible and messy the reality is that it is the greatest and most enjoyable, fun thing to be added to a disco.

You might think foam is made from water and soap, so I am going to get all cold and wet and sticky. Not so, although you clothes will get damp you will not feel cold when you are in the foam,
it will keep you warm.

The the foam machine or foam cannons are turned on covering everyone with foam and filling the dance area to about 5 foot deep. the foam cannons usually spray a thick jet of foam upto 8m into the dance area, they are moved side to side to cover everyone. A foam machine will just pour masses of foam down onto the dance floor, it may move along slowly.

After the foam level has dropped more foam will be added covering everyone up again. This may happen several times depending on how quick the foam goes. Towards the end of the party as the foam level drops to about 1 foot or so some people will spend time rolling around on the floor.

The most important thing about foam parties is that everyone who goes to one has loads of fun and enjoys the experience, however crazy it sounds! If you haven't tried it at least once you haven't lived and should find the nearest one to you and get in there and have fun.

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