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IntroductionWe are a part of a group that is connected to the partner called Mind. Why Mind is called the Partner?Each one of us has a life with childhood, then adolescence, adulthood, old age and last of the death. Relating

The Buddha Myalo (Full Day Workshop to Heal Mind, Body and Transform Life)


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About The Event


We are a part of a group that is connected to the partner called Mind. 

Why Mind is called the Partner?
Each one of us has a life with childhood, then adolescence, adulthood, old age and last of the death. 
Relating to this, have you explored where do you stand in the present and are you absolutely convinced about it? 
And if there is not a straight answer coming from there, then realize that you are not in full resonance with your Mind. 

Your mind is a garden. And your thoughts are it’s seeds. Upon this garden, whether you see flowers or weeds are outcome of the seed that you have planted. Based on our experiences that we have acquired since our childhood, we nurture either positive or negative thoughts. 
Your mind in resonance with your life is an inner silence of truth within! 

Why Buddha ?
Simple! Buddha is the awakened or the enlightened one.

Then what is Myalo?
Mind is called Myalo in Greek.

Thus when we integrate our mind with awakening, we are able to know if we are facing limitations with mind, body or life. Mind is the inner core and the presentation of which is stored most of the times within the body. The mind experiences are connected to thoughts, which could be either positive or else negative thoughts. Whatever is nourished in the thoughts it grows to expansion. And when a negative thought resulting out of a life experience is nurtured, it begins to harm the fertile body through the chakras and thus physical illnesses, wounds, begin to flourish within the body, the outcome of which is drainage at three levels - Emotional, Physical and Energy drainage. 

The experiences pertaining to these are locked within the subconscious and unconscious mind as inner children. Opening up the mind gate, helps one to understand it and release and transform the thought that is causing the state and thus heal the issue at whichever level it is connected to –Mind, Body or Life Level.

Lectures and Events
An All Day Workshop
Location – Pune / India 

Featured Speaker
Ms.Prameela Sreemangalam
Author / Practicing Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

Event Description
By unlocking the doors of your past, release all anxieties, fears and trauma and heal your emotional states of anger, denial, despair, agony, aggression, unhappiness, health issues, blockages, etc by seeking your answers from within.
This highly experimental, psycho-spiritual, intensive workshop explores the latest in the hypnotic regression therapy and inner child healing. Constrictions and limitations of the past are addressed and mind (Myalo) and body (Soma) undergoes healing.
In a session of both small and large group meditation exercise to activate soma, subconscious journey to release and heal the inner child, past life regression to heal unhealed past lives, this exciting experimental workshop takes you into an incredible yet astounding psycho-spiritual journey as you experience limitless healing of the mind, body and life.

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2) The Life Al Kimiya

Benefits of Workshop
During the whole day event, you will have an opportunity to –
1. Discover where your problems come from?
2. Where exactly is your problem? Mind, body or Life? Where are you storing it presently?
3. Practice powerful “Myalo” meditation from the inner core to the outer presentation of mind.
4. Identify and plug inner children that further aids in healing.
5. Understand the power of love and that it begins with self and thus it transforms and heal your life.
6. Heal and integrate healed inner consciousness.
7. Get your personalized “Mantra”, for healing, personal and career success and financial growth.
8. Physical exercise to internally channelize your healed energy and core integration to awaken the healing power within you.
9. Book Signing with the Author.

Fees Structure
INR Rs.7500 / -

Pre-Registration is compulsory.

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