The Art of Problem Solving

The Art of Problem Solving


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About The Event

Ever wondered how some people seem to be lightning quick at solving tough problems? Are these people geniuses, or can anyone learn how to "overclock" their brain? While it's true that some are born with a special gift, you can improve the way you think. 

Our very own Bharat Ramakrishna will show you how. He will show you how to think efficiently and clearly. Through these new mental modes of thinking, he will show you how to apply it to solve interesting puzzles and riddles. But the techniques he will show you are not merely applicable to solving these toy problems. No. These thought processes can be brought to bear on a variety of different domains. You can use these methods to solve other real world problems e.g. business problems etc. But the way you apply these methods is up to you!

Who's this LearnUp for?

Anyone. I mean literally anyone. This is for anyone with an inquisitive mind, and wants to think about solving problems in an efficient way. Whether you are a designer tackling the next big design problem, or a software developer trying to come up with the best algorithm for a particular problem, you will find these methods of thinking useful.


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