The Art and Science of becoming a YouTuber- How to Make a YouTube Video

The Art and Science of becoming a YouTuber- How to Make a YouTube Video


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About The Event

Want to learn how to become a successful Youtuber and earn from it? Attend our one day Workshop on "The Science of Becoming a Youtuber":
We will cover from the basics to monetization.

The Science of Becoming a Youtuber:

  1. How to register for a Channel
  2. How to start a Channel
  3. Selecting and Registering the name
  4. Selecting the right category
  5. Youtube Partner Program
  6. Creating Google Adsense and Monetization from your youtube channel
  7. How to generate advertisement income from youtube and Google
  8. What equipment to use to start Vlogging – Camera, Sound, Supporting equipments
  9. Editing and Post production of your videos – do it yourself editing of Videos and Pics
  10. Video, Sound and creating a proper video
  11. Basic Photography and Video requirements and Skills


The Art of it

  1. How to frame a video
  2. How to select a category
  3. How to structure a Vlog
  4. How to channelize subscribers
  5. How to optimize social media channels and link to channel – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pininterest etc.
  6. Connecting to your right audience
  7. Making your channel successful and earn in Dollars

We run a Youtube Channel on Food Blogs called Chow Down My lane. We have 3 million plus views and 21000+ Subscribers in 4 months and we want to share how we did this.

  • A day long workshop
  • At Courtyard Marriott, Hinjawadi, Pune
  • With Lunch and Tea
  • Meet Equipment Sells to purchase the correct Gear
  • Discount Vouchers worth 1500/-

Check Out our Youtube channel - Chow down my lane 

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