The 16th Regulators  Policymakers Retreat 2015

The 16th Regulators Policymakers Retreat 2015


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About The Event

The Regulators & Policymakers Retreat (RPR), is a cerebral initiative in the field of energy, infrastructure, and governance that attempts to address the burning issues of the energy sector. A unique event which brings together thought leaders and experts across sectors to discuss and debate the way forward for the energy/ power sectors. The Retreat is a celebration of the achievements of the Indian power and energy sector in which the regulators and policymakers participate to exchange ideas and learning experiences, as the economy sees increasing participation of the private sector in the infrastructure segment of the economy. As the State starts distancing itself from the Nehruvian model of command economies and unbundles various sectors involving private sector participation, it has become necessary to take note of the importance of regulation to ensure the objective of the policymakers to strike that fine balance of achieving the optimum utilisation of resources in the public interest. We have seen, over the years, that the number of sector regulators have increased, a clear indication that regulation itself is becoming a fine art, particularly in the Indian context. Over the years RPR has become a premium cerebral event attended by thought leaders and visionaries from India’s energy & infrastructure sector to discuss existing and future challenges and strategies.

The theme this year is Epochal Shift in the Idea of India.

Our themes for the last Retreats were Can India Afford an Unequal Society, Democracy vs. Development & Public Good vs. Private Profit. However, we have also focused on 3 sub themes for each day. Concept Note: Epochal Shift in the Idea of India India with its rich history & culture emerged as young democratic nation from the shackles of slavery, colonialism, and almost 1000 years of Islamic rules by outsiders followed by 200 years of British Raj. Democracy, which was intended to bond the nation under the basic idea of equality, brought its own set of issues where elections were held based on caste, colour, and religious lines. This appeasement of vote bank politics slowly infiltrated the entire fabric of the young nation, which then translated into a peculiar situation where public good was given a priority over private profit. The states assumed complete control over people’s lives and with the onset of the license raj, free enterprise and competition were bypassed in favour of a command market and control and regulation of all activities. The idea of India especially post partition took some time to evolve and the early years were lost in figuring out issues of identity. Movements that aimed at unity, lost their path. Demands for separate statehood changed the internal structure of the country. This has resulted in rising aspirations and a need for an overdrive on the part of the state to ensure that infrastructure development takes place. The idea of India as reflected in the recent polls has huge ramification in economic, social, legal and environment spheres. To discuss this epochal shift in the idea of India, the 16th Regulators & Policymakers Retreat 2015 will provide a platform for discussion amongst policymakers, regulators, industry captains, besides cerebral experts who will discuss the implication of this change and the way forward to meet the aspiration of the 1.3 billion people in the time to come. 

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