Thai Amavasai

Thai Amavasai


  • Thai Amavasai

    Thai Amavasai Tarpanam helps to Get Relief From Unexplainable Sufferings & Worries to Lead a Stress Free Life.

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About The Event

Thai Amavasya - A Day To Appease Ancestors & Receive Their Power Blessings

Thai Amavasya is the new moon day dedicated to an ancestor that falls on 16th January 2018 which usually refers Thai month in Tamil calendar. This day is considered highly auspicious to offer tarpanam and other rituals for departed souls. Most of the people pay respect to their ancestors on Thai Amavasya so that their souls could rest in peace. It is believed that on Thai Amavasya the ancestor’s souls visit their relatives to bless them. Thousands of people from various parts of the country performed tarpanam to the departed ancestors in various holy places on the special occasion of Thai Amavasya.

Thai Amavasai Tarpanam

Scheduled On January 16, 2018

Get Relief From Unexplainable Sufferings & Worries to Lead a Stress Free Life

Thai Amavasya is the perfect time to relieve ourselves of our sorrows and Vedicfolks is performing Tarpanam at Temple in Chennai.

Why Perform Tarpanam On Thai Amavasya?

On the day of Amavasya, offerings of sesame seeds and water makes ancestors happy and they bless their descendants with a prosperous life. These oblations are offered to three generations of ancestors both from the maternal and paternal side.

Performing tarpanam on highly auspicious day of Thai Amavasya will satisfy your deceased ancestor’s souls and also it will bring the direct blessings from your ancestors. By satisfying the souls of departed ancestors we will get the full protection from all type of ill effects and remove all obstacles in your path.

Tarpanam on Thai Amavasya Destroys All Curses To Lead A Peaceful Life

Tarpanam on Thai Amavasya which is very special for offering oblations to departed souls. If knowingly or unknowingly our forefathers have committed sins it is reflected in our natal charts as Pitru Dosh and being their offsprings we are destined to suffer from the bad effects. Due to this malefic effect of planets, even beneficial planets also become unfavourable.This tarpanam destroys all curses and effects of sorcery. It promotes happiness in your life and brings success in all stages of your life.

Importance Of Performing Tarpanam At Temple

Offering tarpanam ritual at temple is considered very special and it will relieve your ancestors sins and relief them from this material world. By performing this tarpanam your ancestors brings their blessing to you and your future generation for their compassion and their blessings helps you to lead a peace and happy life. It also helps you in attaining salvation, gives peace of mind and washes away your past karma and sins.

Vedicfolks has made arrangements for Tarpanam on Thai Amavasya. Order now and satisfy your ancestors by liberating them which makes them happy. You in turn will get their blessings for a lifetime!


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