ZOUK, BACHATA, SALSA Workshops (30 Nov-05 Dec) with LEAH (RUSSIA)

ZOUK, BACHATA, SALSA Workshops (30 Nov-05 Dec) with LEAH (RUSSIA)


  • 1 Workshop Early Bird Price till 27 Nov

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 600
    Sold Out
  • 2 Workshops Early Bird Price till 27 Nov

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 1100
    Sold Out
  • 3 Workshops Early Bird Price till 27 Nov

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 1600
    Sold Out
  • 4 Workshops Early Bird Price till 27 Nov

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 2000
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  • 5 Workshops Early Bird Price till 27 Nov

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 2400
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  • All 6 Workshops Early Bird Price till 27 Nov

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 2800
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About The Event

ZOUK, BACHATA & SALSA with LEAH (from Russia / Czech) - 30 Nov to 05 Dec, 2014: 6 AMAZING WOKSHOPS!

TO REGISTER ONLINE, go to: http://www.tgfd.in/Class-Schedule

And once again, Thank God For Dance & Zouk India bring to you the OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN & DANCE with an INTERNATIONAL ARTIST, the spectacular LEAH from Russia & Czech Republic, at VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE.

30th NOVEMBER to 5th DECEMBER, 2014
FANTASTIC PARTNER DANCING (Must for all!): 30th Nov
ZOUK: 30th Nov, 1st Dec, 3rd Dec
SALSA: 4th Dec
BACHATA: 5th Dec

BE AWESOME, FEEL AWESOME on the dance floor! Learn proper technique, musicality & styling while having loads of fun!!


W/S #1. FANTASTIC PARTNER DANCING - 4.30-7.00pm (2.5 hrs)
(Open Level, Dance-Form Independent)

Whether you already do any partner dance, be it SALSA, ZOUK, BACHATA, MERENGUE, etc. or you are a complete beginner/fresher & want to start - THIS IS FOR EVERYONE. Get a BIG BOOST in your Partner Dancing, it will never be the same again after doing this workshop... see yourself transform, instantly! Lead-Follow-Connection-Spins-Weight Transfers-Body Movement-Safety, & more.

W/S #2. ZOUK - 7.00-9.00pm (2 hrs)
(Intermediate Level)

Polish your BRAZILIAN ZOUK technique with emphasis on musicality & styling. Get that extra edge in your ZOUK. Get loads of social dancing practice too!

9.30pm onwards - Dance Social at Hauz Khas

W/S #3., #4. ZOUK - 8.00-9.30pm (1.5 hrs)
(Beginners /Open Level)

Learn the fundamentals of BRAZILIAN ZOUK, along with simple pattern to use on the floor.

W/S #5. SALSA STYLING - 8.00-9.30pm (1.5 hrs)
(Open Level)

Ladies & Gentlemen, if you wanna look super-cool while dancing SALSA, if you wanna do more than just 1-2-3 5-6-7 spin spin spin, then hop right in, this is for you!

W/S #6. BACHATA - 8.00-9.30pm (1.5 hr)
(Intermediate /Open Level)

Is 1-2-3-Tap all that you do in Bachata? Come & explore a whole new Bachata world, get the knack of moving to the music, instead of the counts, & learn some really stylish ways to do your steps.

FEE (As per no. of Workshops (W/S)):
1 W/S: Rs. 600

2 W/S: Rs. 1100 (Save Rs. 100 over per W/S Fee)
3 W/S: Rs. 1600 (Save Rs. 200 over per W/S Fee)
4 W/S: Rs. 2000 (Save Rs. 400 over per W/S Fee)
5 W/S: Rs. 2400 (Save Rs. 600 over per W/S Fee)
All 6 W/S: Rs. 2700 (Save Rs. 900 over per W/S Fee)

W/S #2, #3 & #4 are FREE for our ZOUK STUDENTS; W/S #5 is FREE for our SALSA STUDENTS (as it will be counted as part of your regular classes). For Other Workshops (W/S): Rs. 400 per W/S

Thank God For Dance, C-60, Basement No. 3, Main Shivalik Road, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi - 110017.
Ph: 9910444819, 8860069196. Email: info@tgfd.in.

Leah comes from Moscow (Russia) & lives in Prague (Czech Republic). She has been dancing her whole life and knows various dance styles like Salsa, Zouk, Bachata, Tango, Hip-Hop (performed), Tango, Belly Dance, Pole Dancing, Cha Cha, etc. She has more than 10 years of experience in social partner dances as well as solo dances as a performer, dance trainer & choreographer. She has also taught in Europe and the USA. Leah follows a unique fusion dance style and musical interpretation and believes in making learning fun & effortless, without compromising on essential technique.

Watch Leah in action:

Leah's Blog: http://inshadedance.wordpress.com/

ZOUK, SALSA & BACHATA are Latin Social Partner Dances from Brazil, Cuba & Dominican Republic respectively and extremely popular across the world.


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