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Identifies the application-layer attacks and their application, content, time, user, and location information.
Provides all-round visibility into service status, network environment, security postures, and user behaviors.
Provides an analysis engine that integrates application identification and security functions, such as IPS, AV, and data leak prevention, to prevent application-based malicious code injections, network intrusions, data interceptions, and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks.
Easy Security Management

Classifies 6000+ applications into 5 categories and 33 subcategories and supports application access control based on the subcategories.
Complies with the minimum permission control principle and automatically generates policy tuning suggestions based on network traffic and application risks.
Analyzes the policy matching ratio and discovers redundant and invalid policies to remove policies and simplify policy management.
Excellent Performance

Provides an Intelligent Aware Engine (IAE) capable of parallel processing with all security functions enabled after intelligent application identification.
Improves application-layer protection efficiency and ensures the 10G+ performance with all security functions enabled.

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