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About The Event

Teen Talks are a series of meetups organised for the teens to engage in open dialogue about topics related to them. This edition of teen talks is on 'Possibility Thinking: Beyond the Obvious'

‘Possibility Thinking’ is an interactive workshop to introduce a unique approach to thinking, which is to look beyond the obvious. The focus of the workshop will be to open the world of possibilities to young teenagers. By using creativity, imagination, risk taking, they will be encouraged to move from a set, conditioned way of thinking to an active, solution oriented approach to life. The core of the concept is to move from:
‘what is‘ to ‘what might be’
‘what does this do’ to ‘what can I do with this’
‘I have a problem’ to ‘what can the solution be’

Possibility thinking helps foster curiosity and innovation, and can be applied in myriad ways to promote new way of learning and engagement with life. This activity based workshop will be conducted using fun and playful scenarios, games, and role plays.

This session will be facilitated by Ms. Pansy Parmar. Pansy is a behavioral trainer in the corporate world. She brings training and experience in Life Skills, master trainer in AEP (Adolescent Education Program) as well as a barefoot counselor (emotional issues and handling relationships). Pansy has an innate compassion for the young teens as they face difficulties in managing their issues. She believes that conversations and sharing with them their issues helps them to understand the complexities of the world and empowers them to be able and confident.

When: 2 Apr, 11 am
Where: Cilre Learning Spaces, 8th Main, Koramangala 3rd block
Who: 12+ years

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