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Gurcharan Das | Pavan K Varma | Anita Nair | Dilip D Souza | Vilas Nayak | Evam Karthik | V Raghunathan | Narendra Luther | BM Hegde | Evam Karthik | Gita Aravamudan | Akram Feroze | Sai Gollapudi | Live at Hyderabad, 28th October 2012; Taj Krishna

TedxCharminar is an independently organized TED event licensed by TED and supported by Broadridge, India.The idea is to spark a culture of intellectual gathering and free thinking in Hyderabad. Leading thinkers from diverse discipline will attend and present their big idea. These include Gurucharan Das, Anita Nair, V Raghunathan, Hussain Zaidi and more

The theme of this Tedx talks is 'Look Closely', where ideas that capture a paradigm shift or propose a fresh framework will be presented. 

Pavan K. Varma studied history at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and took a degree in law from Delhi
University. A member of the Indian Foreign Service, he has served in Moscow, in New York at the Indian Mission to the United Nations, in London, where he was Director of the Nehru Centre, and as India’s High Commissioner in Cyprus. He is at present India’s Ambassador in Bhutan. Pavan K. Varma’s books include Ghalib: The Man, The Times; Krishna: The Playful Divine; The Great Indian Middle Class; The Book of Krishna and Being Indian: Why the 21st Century Will Be India’s, all published by Penguin. He has also translated Gulzar (Selected Poems), Kaifi Azmi (Selected Poems), and Atal Bihari Vajpayee (21 Poems) into English for Penguin.


S. Hussain Zaidi is a Mumbai based journalist, a veteran of investigative, crime and terror reporting in Mumbai media for more than 16 years. He has worked for the Asian Age, the Mumbai Mirror, Mid-day, and the Indian Express. His books include bestsellers like Black Friday, Dongri to Dubai and the Mafia Queens of Mumbai. His books have also been adapted into award winning movies. Zaidi is also associate producer for the HBO movie, Terror in Mumbai,based on the 26/11 terror strikes.

Prof. B M Hegde, a medical scientist, educationist and author, is a former Vice Chancellor of Manipal University. He has been an International Advisor to all the three Royal Colleges in the British Isles as well as the Irish Royal College. A gold medalist in MBBS, he is the author of thirty five books and many publications. He has won Padma Bhushan from the Govt of India, Dr. BC Roy National award for Eminent Medical Teachers, Dr. JC Bose award for life sciences research, and Pride of India award. His most famous book is titled, 'What Doctors Don’t Get To Study in Medical School'.

Anita Nair, a maverick writer, with a thought process that is independent in style and insinuation, she exhibits an amazing depth in her narration. Anita would not fit into the conventional thought wheel of a novelist or a poet. Her novels, The Better Man and Ladies Coupe have received appreciation and have been translated into 21 languages. With interests ranging from plants, music and art she no doubt stands apart sagaciously from the usual trend and scenario of an Indian writer.


Gurcharan Das is a world-renowned author, commentator, public intellectual and the former CEO of Procter & Gamble India. His book, an international bestseller, India Unbound has been published in 17 languages and filmed by BBC. The Difficulty of Being Good: On the subtle art of dharma examines contemporary moral failures. A graduate with honours of Harvard University, and Harvard Business School’s Advance Management Program (where he’s featured in three HBS case studies,) Das is a member of the international advisory board of Wal-Mart, Mars Inc. and of other Fortune 100 companies, and is a sought-after speaker and consultant to some of the world’s largest

V Raghunathan, an academic (former professor of finance, IIM, Ahmedabad, and an adjunct professor, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy since 1990), a former banker (president, ING Vysya Bank) and currently a corporate CEO. He is also an author and a columnist, with 10 books and over 500 published papers and articles to his credit. His book 'Games Indians Play' is an illuminating and absorbing study of the life and behavior of Indians in public sphere. Collecting locks is his main hobby. Probably among the largest private collections, it has been featured widely in India on various television channels and written about.

Narendra Luther, a former top civil servant is the best living authority on the history and culture of Hyderabad. He is the author of 4 books in Urdu, eleven in English and over one thousand articles on a variety of topics published in several major papers and mags of India. Some of his books and articles have been translated into Urdu,Telugu, Hindi and Oriya.He has won seven literary awards.He has also been a consultant with Arthur Andersen, Ernst &Young etc. In 'Hyderabad: a Biography' he presents a comprehensive history of Hyderabad. Also known as 'Rockman', due to his authority on the ancient rocks in Hyderabad. His documentary on these rocks, aptly titled Rockumentary, won two Golden Aster awards at the IX International Heritage Film Festival held at Osaka, Japan in 1999.

Dilip D'Souza, a writer and a man with opinions. An alumnus of BITS Pilani, D'Souza has won several awards for his writing, including The Daily Beast award for South Asian commentary, the Statesman Rural Reporting Award, the Times of India/Red Cross prize, the Outlook/Picador nonfiction prize. A column by him about two young engineers from Kerala who built a dam in rural Maharashtra and supplied electricity where there was none, provided the inspiration for a key segment of the 2004 movie Swades.

Vilas Nayak, a self-taught impromptu painter, well known for his rapid portraits. He has won true accolades in his climb to the finals on the show, India’s Got Talent on Colors. With his own style of painting called hues and tunes — where shades of colors come on the canvas from the tunes in the background. He will be hosting a solo exhibition soon.

Akram Feroze, a college drop-out who embarked on a journey on his bicycle in the late 2011. His journey was motivated on the idea of understanding villages, towns, and people through theater, stories, and plays.His epic journey called "The Cycle Natak" is the revision of the bygone art of Natak Mandali. Akram has visited more than 40 villages in three states, and has written, directed and acted in plays with the locals.

Karthik Kumar is a noted theatre and Kollywood actor. His theatre group known as Evam is taking theatre to the youth. It's unique model is the first ever that organizes theatre as a successful business venture. It has introduced that special theatrical experience of watching plays live on stage to the current generation. He currently stars in a TV drama.

Gita Aravamudan,a journalist and author, has been writing on gender issues for 27 years. Great strength of conviction lies under her unassuming surface and her voice takes on urgency as she talks about the fate of the girl child in India. She is deeply concerned and with good reason. Her book, Disappearing Daughters: The Tragedy of Female Foeticide , is a scorching honest and compelling account of female foeticide in India, the book is an important and valuable study of the problem.

Sai Gollapudi, is a R&D unit head, culture consultant and PhD research scholar. He worked as R&D head for Nokia, and had presented his insights in international journals and conferences. He hails from India but has grown up in the West and has travelled extensively. After almost two decades of active corporate life in leadership positions, he moved back to India to find his roots and to do rural development work. This lead him to get involved in 100s of village development projects throughout Andhra Pradesh. Sai spends his time focusing on sustained development projects, motivating youth, researching for his studies, and consulting for companies.

The audience for the event is largely invite-only, although a select number of passes will be awarded through submitting a letter of motivation through this page. 

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