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Technovanza is the Annual Technomanagement Event organized by VJTI. The Objective of Technovanza is to educate people about the principles of Engineering and thus spreading the knowledge of Engineering and Technology to the society at la

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About The Event


Technovanza is the Annual Technomanagement Event organized by VJTI. The Objective of Technovanza is to educate people about the principles of Engineering and thus spreading the knowledge of Engineering and Technology to the society at large. Since 2001 when the first event was held, Technovanza has grown from strength to strength and it is now a highly anticipated event in the Institute’s calendar. The event’s popularity has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and last year close to 20000 people from all over the country attended the event, leading to its grand success. Technovanza is the platform for students to apply the theoretical knowledge they gather in class-rooms and use it practically by making exhibits that can explain engineering principles to lay people. It is a great opportunity for students to showcase their potential and helps them in two ways. They make the exhibits with their own hands and then explain the concepts to the people who visit their stalls. The confidence the students get in first developing a concept, developing the prototype and then demonstrating it in front of people, goes a long way in making them ready to face the real world.

The three day event has a various activities which are of interest to all type of visitors, young and old who visit or participate in the event. The Conference provides a great platform for people to keep abreast of the latest developments. There are many lectures by eminent speakers and group discussions in which many experts take part. For students and youngsters who visit there are a lot of competitions in which they can take part and win prizes. Parents and elders can visit the Exhibition and understand how various gadgets which they use in every-day life work. To the under-privileged students in schools the social initiative Pratigya brings technology to their door-step and inspires them to become engineers tomorrow.

The power of Technovanza is seen by the number of eminent personalities who take part each year. Over the years a lot of companies have shown keen interest in associating with the event and help us by sponsorships, which enable us continuously to improve the Event. And as the events grow in quality and size it becomes a news event and results in tremendous media coverage which adds to its popularity. It is our endeavor to make the 2013 edition a bigger and better one with high quality projects and a great seminar. It is my dream that Technovanza will be established in the years to come as a national event befitting the status of VJTI.

Theme: Integrating to perfection

Perfection for many is a destination that symbolizes an amalgamation of consummation and immutability (according to its root "perficio" — "to bring to an end."). But perfection in its true sense is a journey along the path of perseverance, hard-work and talent guided only by the lust for excellence. And like any other journey, this too can’t be embarked upon by a solitary traveler. Perfection is attained only when disparate talents, ideals, ideas, cultures, sufficiencies and deficiencies coalesce towards a common goal. One doesn’t attain perfection but it is always ‘Integrating to Perfection’. Perfection is that unique process whose end product is determined by one’s dreams and mettle.

The entire universe is proceeding along this path. Every specie, every element and every atom is coming together, becoming more complex on this road of perfection. Thus perfection is the process of coming together, of reaching ‘Purnata’. The definition of ‘perfect’ is as transitory as the human mind. But what is valuable is that attitude, which settles for nothing else but the best. This quest for excellence can only thrive inside the most diverse groups and is necessary to keep them together. Consolidating its strengths, channelizing its weaknesses, Technovanza’13 is all set to embark on a similar quest- our journey of perfection!s

Events during the fest
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Rubik's Cube Mumbai Open - RCMO X-CON
Junior X-Con-a contest for school students


Exhibitions are a display or demonstration of a particular skill, but at technovanza'13 exhibitions are all about turning ideas into reality! This highly competitive section is past juxtaposed with future in the present. As we unscrew the latest technologies for the society, we also give them a glimpse of our innovation. Living true to our vision of taking technology to society, exhibitions are also platform for budding innovators to showcase their ideas!


A firm resolve to "Take technology to the Society", the words by Hon. Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam during his visit to VJTI in 2009 spelt the humble beginnings of Pratigya which started during Technovanza 2010. It has gone on to become one of the most admired and respected initiatives by the students in this city and has won accolades for being able to bring about a positive change in society at the grass root level. It is our initiative to make technology percolate down from universities to the younger minds at the school level itself and inculcate in students the interest to understand and improve technology, to generate curiosity and to introduce bright young minds to the marvels of engineering. But more importantly, our aim is to mould them into technologically responsible citizens of our future.

Through Pratigya we try to reach out to school students and hold workshops in school premises, trying to inculcate a sense of responsibility towards the society and the environment and help them make an informed career choice. A major step forward has been the hands-on robotics and aero-modelling workshops being conducted for the students and it is heartening to see the interest shown by them. It is an extremely satisfying experience for us to be able to guide these children onto the right path so that they can be the pioneers of change.

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression. Pratigya is in this way, more than just an initiative. It’s a movement to better the way young minds think and perceive the world around them, to draw them out of the worlds of their textbooks and wake up to the brilliance of science and technology.



Mumbai- certainly, the name conjures up images of gigantic skyscrapers, the Bandra-Worli Sea Link, the sea-kissed marine drive, the Queen’s Necklace, a land of never-ending opportunities and enterprise…. Oh! It will never stop.

With a view to take up the job of beginning to set things right, we initiated an event called ‘MISSION MUMBAI’ last year as a part of our Techno-Management Event, Technovanza. Bringing about awareness amongst students about the problems that a Mumbaikar faces on a daily bases was the major objective. Our next step being moving beyond the college premises, we affiliated with an NGO called OASIS (Organisation of Aware Saviours in Society; A Regd. Environmental NGO of Aware Action since 1997) and took up a project named “Environmental education- the grassroots of change”, since the subject of environment is an important one and it is important that it is instilled in every citizen.

We also conducted a cycle rally “Cyclothon” whose objective was to bring about environmental awareness amongst the youth where we cycled around Five Gardens and Matunga Station, promoting conservation of environment.


Lectures are defined as an educational talk or rather a sermon! But at Technovanza'13 lectures promise exhaustive discussions and interactions! Through our lecture series we try to bring students closer to the industry and innovations that are changing the world outside the campus! Students are given a chance to interact with eminent personalities who have greatly contributed to varied fields. Through these lectures we aim to broaden the horizon of students and sow the seed of curiosity in their minds!


Theoretical knowledge may give employment, but practical knowledge gives recognition! Taking this thought forward, Technovanza'13 offers a series of interesting and enriching workshops that aim to give a first-hand learning experience to the participants. Through these workshops students get a valuable hands-on experience from professionals and a better understanding of latest technologies. These workshops are designed so that they act as a platform where students understand and not just know!


VJTI, one of the oldest Engineering Institutes in Asia, has had a glorious history, in the 125 years of its existence. Over the years the Institute has produced great Engineers who have gone on to achieve great success in various fields both as technocrats and managers all over the world. The list of VJTI Alumni comprises the who-is-who in the field of Engineering and Technology.

Today VJTI is the first choice for aspiring engineers in Maharashtra and it is the cream of students who get into the portals of this great institution. The Institute produces high quality engineers, inculcating in the students, not only the comprehensive knowledge of engineering principles, but also teaching them lessons on innovation, character, leadership and values. This all round knowledge helps students successfully make their mark in their chosen field of Academics or Industry. Besides academics the Institute encourages all round development of the students by making them conduct various activities throughout the year. One such event is Technovanza, the annual Technomanagement Event. Technovanza which was first held in the year 2001 provides a great canvas for students to apply their knowledge and exhibit their capabilities.
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