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About The Event



Technopreneurship is touted to be the rage of the 21st century. The problem solving prowess of technologists combined with the astute business acumen of an entrepreneur is indeed a force to reckon with - a force which promises to propel the nation forward. In perfect synchrony with the times, the students of the Yi-Net of Govt. Model Engineering College, Cochin, present to you the ultimate annual entrepreneurship summit TECHNOPRENEUR!

The first of its kind in South India, TECHNOPRENEUR is a platform where technologists meet entrepreneurs, where ideas and thoughts are shared, latent talents discovered and future entrepreneurs moulded.      

TECHNOPRENEUR is all about using technology to change lives, inspiring young people to follow their dreams of a better nation.  It is about building an entire generation of people who think and act differently; about people with a heart, who refuse to be led when they can lead - igniting the flame and stopping at nothing!     


THEMEWhere TRY paves way to TRIUMPH

                         It’s all about a little UMPH !

              Venue :  IMA House, Cochin                     

Date   : March 17th 2012  


The seventh edition brings to you a host of acclaimed speakers who have braved all odds and marched forward with fiery zeal to realize their dream of a happier nation and a better world. It doesn’t get any more inspirational than this, as men and women who’ve tasted real success narrate how they got to the winning edge.

If you have a dream, but are hesitant to take that first step, TECHNOPRENEUR 2012 is just the place to be;  as together,  we take a step forward to achieving the impossible!   

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