Techniche 2013 at IIT Guwahati

Techniche 2013 at IIT Guwahati


About The Event


The Annual Techno-Management Festival

Prologue to Techniche’13

The roots of this mega event date back to September’98 and Techniche, the annual TechnoManagement Festival of IIT Guwahati has only grown bigger and better since then. Techniche has become one of the finest platforms in the country where people learn and interact with some of the best brains and the most inspiring figures of the world take part and challenging competitions.


Techniche - Ideate.Nurture.Kindle:

  • To Ideate. Every human feat, achievement and triumph has had its genesis as an idea. Envisioning such an idea is an art that we are committed to, and we at Techniche embrace true Ideation.
  • To Nurture. To Nurture your idea, is to make your dream a reality. Putting in the effort and showing the dedication that flows in giving the idea shape, Nurturing an idea is a vital step along the path of success.
  • To Kindle. To watch the fire grow, that burning desire to complete the cycle by inspiring many more along the way.



A signature dish that is served at Techniche is the Lecture Series, which serves as a platform that allows illustrious figures from all walks of life to come under one roof and share their experiences and ideas with the next generation.

Students and professors, participants and school children alike, all clamour into the auditorium to have their lives inspired by the likes of John C. Mather (The 2006 Physics Nobel Laureate),  Lyn Evans(Project Leader, Large Hadron Collider, CERN), Pranav Mistry (The Inventor of 6th Sense Technology), Stephen P. Morse (Chief Architect, Intel 8086 Microprocessor),  Richard Stallman (Founder, Free Software Movement), Walter Bender (Ex-Director, MIT Media Labs), etc.

Having gained immense popularity over the past few years, it is widely recognized as the biggest and the best lecture series in the entire nation and we are sure that we’ll be successful in outdoing ourselves yet again.

Decade Edition of Technothlon

Technothlon-The International School Championship, organized as a part of Techniche- IIT Guwahati’s annual Techno-Management festival, organized with an aim to ‘Inspire Young Minds’ has grown from its humble beginning in 2004 with a participation of 200 students confined to the city of Guwahati to an international championship organized in more than 200 centres all over the nation and various centres abroad.



Escalade is an All-India Robotics competition conducted by IIT Guwahati as a part of Techniche. The main motive of Escalade will be identifying budding talent among all robotic enthusiasts across the country. This event will be held in two stages Prelims and Mains.

Prelims of Escalade’12 were conducted in various cities across the country. It witnessed participation of  from around 15 states of the country, 30+ cities and 130+ colleges. The top 3 teams from each city were given a chance to come to IIT Guwahati to battle it out in the Mains during Techniche.

For More Details contact organising team head P.V.S.Dileep at 8121881965 and visit for videos,tutorials and other specifications.



A platform for sound interaction between industry and Academia is essential for the growth of any educational institution.

With the above objective in mind, Techniche Industrial Conclave took form in 2011. After successfully organizing the 2012 edition which saw the likes of Prabhu Chawla (Editorial Director, The New Indian Expressgroup), K V Sridhar( Creative Director, Leo Burnett), Satish Jha (Writer, Economist) among others, the Conclave promises to grow even bigger. The Industrial Conclave provides an ideal platform for young entrepreneurs and budding corporates to broaden their horizons and understand the internal dynamics of the ever growing business industry.


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