Technical Analysis of Indian Stock Market

Technical Analysis of Indian Stock Market


  • Technical Analysis of Indian Stock Market

    Technical Analysis

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About The Event

Technical Analysis of Indian Stock Market Made simpler

A Golden Opportunity for you to acquire the right and correct knowledge that will equip you to effectively Trade & Invest Independently in the Indian Stock market with disciplined approach and full confidence to achieve Financial Independence.

Who should attend this Course? 

  • Those who have lost money in trading without knowledge
  • Those who want a second Income
  • Those who want to make Stock Market as a Career


Topics Covered

First Session: Technical analysis of stock Market using DOW theory

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Basics of technical analysis

Why learn Technical Analysis?

Types of Charts (Line, Bar & Candlestick Charts)

Dow Theory & its Assumptions

Trends, Trend lines & Channels

Support, Resistance & Horizontal Lines

Candlestick Chart Patterns, Chart Patterns

Types of Reversal Patterns including H&S (Head and Shoulder), IH&S (Inverse Head & Shoulder), Double Bottom, Double Top, Rounding Bottom, Flags, Pennants, and Triangles

Momentum Indicators -RSI, MACD, and ADX


How to get SUCCESS from Stock Markets through disciplined approach


Second Session: Technical analysis of stock market using Elliott wave theory

Introduction to Elliott Wave Theory

Fractal Nature, Fibonacci Retracements, Extensions and Projections

Basic Pattern of Elliott Wave, Rules of Elliott Wave Theory

Elliott Wave Patterns (Impulse & Corrective Patterns)

Different types of Impulse and Corrective Patterns

Truncations, Theory of Alternation

Combination Wave Patterns

Moving Averages & Different Types

The Concept of Divergence

Gap Theory, Risk & Money Management

Disciplined Trading and Investment

Supporting Parameters for Successful Trading


Third Session: Practical understanding of both DOW & Elliott wave theory


Fourth Session: Derivatives of stock market training; Futures & Options

Introduction to Futures & Options

Types of Options (Call & Put options - ITM, ATM & OTM)

Index Future & Options, Stock Future & Options

Options Terminology (Spot, Strike, Premium, Intrinsic Value, Extrinsic Value, Contract, Expiration)

Definition of Long, Short, Hedge & Arbitrage

Options Premium and factors affecting Price of option

Put Call ratio Analysis, Open Interest Analysis

Implied Volatility, Futures & Options Trading Strategies

Option Greeks - Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega & Rho


This Training is led by a professional having an experience and expertise of trading successfully for over 10 years in the Stock Market. 


Additional benefits 

  1. Avail 1 month Free trial period on subscription for trading
  2. Avail 1 year post workshop training support (online) 
  3. Access to more learning material 
  4. Additional Articles & Analysis

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