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About The Event

“Good teachers teach, Great teachers inspire…”

Teachers play a very important role in building the life and career of students. The contribution made by teachers is the highest in building up the personality of the students. When teachers acknowledge and accept the nobility of their profession they take full responsibility of their job and contribute in the best possible way.

We are coming up with a one day workshop for school teachers in this holiday season. Avail and make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of your student community. 

Benefits for the school and teachers:


After the workshop the teachers

  • Develop a right / positive attitude needed for teaching.
  • Will be able to relate well with the students’ learning abilities and make the students learn better.
  • Will be more energetic in delivering their responsibilities of teaching and coordinating.
  • Start cooperating well with their colleagues and serve the school in a better way.
  • Will help weaker teachers become more effective.
  • Will start taking up responsibilities assigned to them with increased vigor and passion.
  • Start cooperating with the management of the school and contribute more than before.
  • Will start contributing better in the meetings and take responsibility of the decisions taken.


Children’s way of learning and understanding concepts is different from those of adults. Teachers need to understand the students’ personality, their learning styles, their strengths and weaknesses, etc., and bring themselves down to the level of students to teach them effectively. If all teachers of the school do it, then the students coming out of the schools will become leaders in the field they opt as career.



Process: The workshop is activity oriented, where the teachers learn the concepts by doing certain activities. The teachers will be involved in interaction, leading to their active participation and better learning. It includes discussion on certain cases, leading to broadening of the perception among teachers for better understanding and learning about their profession and its best practices. Teachers are encouraged to share their best practices and experiences, which provides a platform for other teachers to learn from them.

We offer training in mode of workshops. The duration of the workshop is two days, however, a one day customized workshop can be delivered for schools those schools who don’t want a two day workshop for their teachers. 

Workshop One on 11th Oct (Tuesday) and its contents:

I. Workshop on Right Attitude – TTRA16

  • Accepting teaching and living the profession
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Taking responsibility as teacher and as an employee

II. Workshop on Leading and Collaborating – TTLC16

  • Right Leadership in teaching
  • Collaborating and developing team spirit


Workshop Two on 16th Oct (Sunday) and its contents:

III. Workshop on Inspire and Motivate – TTIM16

  • Self Motivation and developing ability to motivate and inspire students and other teachers.
  • Leading by example
    • To students and
    • Teachers

IV. Workshop on Stress and Time Management – TTST16

  • Stress Management while handling classes and syllabus
  • Time Management for delivery of curriculum


Dates: 11th Oct and 16th Oct, 
Venue: Radiant Psyhiatry Hospital, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.
Time: 10 am to 4 pm. 

Fee: Regular Rs. 500/- 
Spot Registration Rs. 600/-

Note: Fee includes Lunch, Snacks and Certification.

Contact us at enquire@estrainings.com or Call/SMS/WhatsApp on 995 1383 995 to know about upcoming events.

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