Teach Your Child How To Think

Teach Your Child How To Think


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About The Event

Today, teaching knowledge is not enough. In order to survive and thrive in a complex world, every youngster, needs to be equipped with basic thinking skills. Just being good at arguments and critical thinking is insufficient.

The purpose of the CoRT Tools is to broaden perception so that in any thinking situation, children could see beyond the obvious, immediate and egocentric. Experience has shown that students who have been through these lessons, develop a much wider view of situations. CoRT Thinking Tools allow your child focus attention directly on different aspects of thinking and crystallize these processes into definite concepts and tools that can be used deliberately to move his/her thinking along. CoRT is sometimes describe as Directional Thinking as well as Breadth Thinking.

Why use deBono?

deBono is the leading authority in the space creative thinking. The CoRT Thinking Lessons, in six sections, are now in heavy use throughout the U.S.A., in the U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Malta. In Venezuela, after a year's pilot programme, the CoRT Thinking Lessons have been added on to the curriculum of every school in the country.

The deBono tools are truly transferable life skills that will support students academically, socially and vocationally.  

Helps to Look beyond boundaries and self limiting perspectives.

Take a fresh look at options through exploration of ideas.

Use “what if” thinking to avoid costly mistakes.

Quickly and accurately weigh risks against rewards in various situations.

Learn to be confident decision-makers.

Reaching optimal solutions more quickly.

Respect other's point of view with willingness to share ideas.

Develop self-reliance and self esteem.

Rewards these tools bring:

The 10 lessons in the CoRT program provides the internal framework of mind necessary in our modern, ever changing society. Many research studies have been conducted on benefits of CoRT Thinking. 

Listen to the introduction of CoRT by EdWard Debono: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XjwVg_KE_4


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