Tattva Qs Awakening - Your Life. Your Truth.

Tattva Qs Awakening - Your Life. Your Truth.


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About The Event

2 Day Intense Residential Workshop at School of Ancient Wisdom, Devanahalli, Bangalore

Life experiences – the greatest teacher

Life is a collage of good and bad experiences that take us through different lessons at different times for our continuous growth and development.

Though most of us know this as theory when it comes to practice many of us fail to understand the meaning of certain experiences at the right time and struggle to sail through this and add value for self-evolution & self-growth.

We sometimes carry meaningless and unimportant views, inference, perceptions and memories for years and realize it only when a life changing event makes us realize otherwise.

Even when everything is fine and smooth we look at areas that we want to improve and strive for betterment each day.

We have questions about our goals be it work / relationships / finance / health or anything else and look for answers. Further some even question the purpose of these Goals and the deeper meaning of these goals.

What is important to us?

While Love, Peace and Happiness are of utmost important to everyone, some work hard on these seriously and do every bit to improvise and some constantly procrastinate. Life keeps everyone busy with more mundane everyday aspects until one day we are faced with totally new realities.

Why Awakening?

Since all answers come from within us, Awakening to this truth itself is the answer to many questions.
This process is facilitated and made part of your system through this program which can come naturally to you thereafter.

The program is designed with the purpose of bringing Love & Happiness in your life and makes everyday life experiences more memorable.

The intent of the program is to help you gain clarity in whatever you want to achieve with Higher Purpose and empower you to find your own answers.

Why should you do this?

You always have a choice – while by not attending you may not lose anything; by attending this you may gain a lot. You can drive your life with Purpose rather than getting driven by something unknown. Some of the important outcomes people have shared / experienced are:
o Shedding the excess baggage and moving ahead with confidence.
o Clarity in thoughts and deeds.
o Discovering the hidden goals one is chasing and understanding the Purpose behind such Goals.
o Redesigning your life in any area like Work, Money, and Health. etc.
o Understanding new dimensions of important Relationships, taking them to the next level or even transforming them.
o Experience Unconditional Happiness from within and know your true potential.

Who can attend?

Anyone who is above 21 years and wants to embark the journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment to make the most out of life can attend the program with prior registration.

The Process

The workshop has interactive sessions with deep conversations, NLP, applied behavioral sciences & some meditation techniques with touch of mystic and Sufism.

Awakening is a continuous process till you fully Awake to your True Self but taking the first step can change your Present beyond your imagination.

If this motivates you to Change something about your Life, contact us NOW to book your seat for the forthcoming workshop.


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