Book Online Tickets for Tarot Card - Foundation Course, Bengaluru.  About the Foundation CourseThe key to Good life is hidden with us!!! Tarot card foundation course Intrigued by the above statement, you should not be. Most of the time people go wrong and blame it on their fate or just say that they are no

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About The Event

 About the Foundation Course
The key to Good life is hidden with us!!! Tarot card foundation course 
Intrigued by the above statement, you should not be. Most of the time people go wrong and blame it on their fate or just say that they are not lucky enough to have required tools to handle a situation. So what is the cause for the problem? The answer is very simple, it is our mind and the decisions that it makes under influence of various factors around us. This will have a far reaching effect if decisions are not made at the right time in right manner.
So what is the solution???
Tarot is one of the ancient systems of divination which helps a person to communicate with his higher self and utilize the higher level of consciousness for understanding a situation. What do I mean by this? Simple my mind is sort of receiver for the cosmic consciousness and Tarot is a tool by which we try to connect to this intelligence which is with us and everywhere to arrive at a right decision.
So with proper knowledge and practice one can tap into this and lead a life that is fulfilling in a way that we become more close to our higher self and lead a happy life in-spite of situations around us. As we would have the knowledge and understanding of the situation that has led to present events.
Your precious time that you spend with us will cover following topics that should enable you to use this system effectively from day 1 
1. How to work with the cards?
2. Which deck to choose?
3. How to connect with the cards and interpret the card?
4. How Tarot helps in my spiritual progression?
5. How to Frame a question (A clear question will give clearer answer)?
6. How to interpret the same card in different situation?
7. How to use it for personal growth and help other?
8. How to improve link with your cards (per say the system)
9. And few other topics

About the Trainer 

Ever wondered why life is so full of questions and challenges, why things happen.

This is the question each and every person would have thought about and I’m no different.

I’m Jayanth Chandramouli S, a Bangalorean who had this thought as long as I can remember. As part of my family upbringing I was exposed to various types of occults sciences from very young age, mainly due to the influence of my Father, which lead to learning of traditional Vedic astrology for more than 15 years (still going strong) and during time I wanted to explore other systems of divinations as well, this led to dabbling on various other systems like Palmistry, Numerology, Prasna, Swara Shastra etc, it was at this time I discovered Tarot Cards in the year 2005, which actually came to me as a pleasant surprise and captured my attention immediately from day one and then the rest is history.

By far Tarot was the most simplest and effective system of divination that I had come across and the answers that I started getting was simply shocking, it actually used to predict big shifts in my life around 6 to 8 months before the actual event and many times it seemed impossible when the card for revealed. The point is Tarot is a wonderful technique’s which will help you as a person and get in touch with your higher self. Now I use Tarot reading in amalgamation with traditional Vedic astrology when reading horoscope’s for people and has produced very good results.

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