How to produce great ideas

How to produce great ideas


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    Ever been asked to come up with a Better Idea

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About The Event

About Workshop: AN IDEA CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! Ever been asked to come up with a Better Idea? Has your boss ever told you to Think Out of the Box? Ever had a personal desire to create something? Ever seen the need to Innovate? Ever wanted to Think Better to trump over competition?

Sure you have enough reasons and more to pump up your Thinking Capacity.

BUT do you have a mechanism that tells you how exactly to do so?

Would you like a brain that is an 'idea factory’?

Isn't it surprising that you too can produce mind blowing ideas like Einstein?

Do you know that the process of thinking creatively and flexibly can be learnt?

YOU WILL LEARN some awesome stuff about: 1. How your brain and mind function? 2. How you can use this understanding to enhance your Idea Generation Powers?

Of other things, you will find out why your much trusted Brainstorming sessions are just not good enough.

You will see for yourself that how producing an idea is not just about acquiring new skills but is also about letting go of old barriers.

Speaker’s Profile She got hooked to the thought of ‘thinking’ when the Indian societal set up imposed the ‘right way of thinking’ on her. A non-conformist by design, she chose to make sure she could think holistically instead. This led her to research in-depth on Thinking More, on Thinking Creatively and in the process on “How to produce great ideas”

A trainer by profession, she speaks on subjects like Think Better, Get Smarter, Leadership and Train-the-Trainer. She has learnt the craft of training from Andy Harrington (UK’s foremost public speaker of Public Speakers University) and from the practices of NLP. She banished her corporate life in favor of the profession of training and the passion reflects in her highly energized workshops.

Who should attend? Individuals or Teams or groups from all disciplines and levels who need to generate ideas. This could be to address a specific or immediate business issue.

When you walk out of the workshop, you will have the necessary tools that you can apply straight up to your business and personal lives and experience radically different results. You can also directly share these tools with the people around you (your friends, your colleagues, your kids) and produce a smarter breed of people.

Challenge yourself. Think Better, Get Smarter. Succeed.

Contact Information: Talkwiz +91 9873732995

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