Talk - China Dams Brahmaputra River By Claude Arpi At The Attic

Talk - China Dams Brahmaputra River By Claude Arpi At The Attic


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Talk - China Dams Brahmaputra River by Claude Arpi.

China has dammed the Brahmaputra river in Tibet for the first time in order to begin the main construction work on a 510 MW hydropower station project, notwithstanding concerns raised by India in this regard.

The Brahmaputra River (or Tsangpo) flows for 2900 kms, from its origins near Mt Kailash before emptying into the Bay of Bengal. While most rivers on the Indian subcontinent have female names, this mighty river has a rare male name (son of Brahma). During its long trajectory it has many other names, Siang and Dihang in Arunachal Pradesh and after being joined by its tributaries the Dibang and Lohit Rivers in Assam it becomes the Brahmaputra in India. Further South it divides and the western branch continues as the Jamuna (Jomuna) to merge with the lower Ganges (Padma). The eastern branch joins the Meghna River near Dhaka. The Padma and Meghna converge to flow out into the Bay of Bengal as Meghna. At its widest near Dibrugarh the Brahmaputra is 10 kms wide and in its Indian section alone has 3000 islands, Majuli being the largest, home of the beautiful Sattriya dance.

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