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About The Event

You'v got to dance like nobody is watching you....
You've got to sing like nobody is listening to you and live like its heaven on earth...!!!!!
-William W.Purkey
Pull up your sock and get prepared for the ultimate fun...All you dance lovers get ready to rock and roll to the jhankar beats...Get ready to steel the show by your mesmerizing performances

. Sometimes you turn out to be a better one than you think and the melodious singers let loose....Get ready to make the hair stand straight..!!!!!!!!(goose bumps)




This is an event in which teams from several other colleges will stage their plays and compete against each other.

 Both original as well as adapted scripts would be accepted.

  Participant’s choice.  It should be totally entertaining. (Time limit 8 minutes)




1) Use of offensive language is strictly prohibited.

2) The skit should not intent to portrait regarding religious and issues.

3) Decision of the panel of judges will be final and binding upon all.



competition between all the participants coming from different colleges...the

best performance will get exciting  prizes.


SHORT FILMS:    (Talentine2k14@gmail.com)

Movie mania:  Here is a chance to show us the world through your lens.


It is a place to prove that Engineers not only can construct huge buildings, but also short films and not only can act in class but also in front of cameras and not only can edit assignments but also videos. A right choice to show what you are ;)



Film time limit (below 20 min)

Judges Decision will be final and irrevocable.

Note: The Presentation should be your own work. (If possible keep watermark)

Presenting downloaded videos are strictly prohibited and will be eliminated.


Presentation Formats-

Quick time (.mov) (720p/1080p)

MP4 (720p/1080p)

Full HD (.mkv) (720p/1080p)

AVCHD (.mts) (720p/1080p)





Vibrations:It is the art of imitation, which is practiced the world over, from annoying siblings who repeat every word you say, to professional comedians who impersonate famous people onstage.

Let the Raju Shrivastav and Navin Prabhakar within you sway away the stage of comedy circus in TALENTINE

own choice (3 min)




1. Use of offensive language is strictly prohibited.

2. The skit should not intent to portray anything regarding religious and caste issues.



Criteria for Evaluation:

1. Content

2. Imitation skill

3. Action

4. Creativity




swarabhinayam:  We welcome you all to a scintillating evening of marvel, where in versatile artists from various vocal backgroundsare here to perform.



“Everyone in this world aspires to be a singer at one or the other point of their life.”


Round 1: own choice(Time limit: 4 minutes)

Round 2: classical song (In this round the participant will be judged based on his/her versatality)

(Time limit: Based on the judge requirements)


Round1: own choice(time limit: 5 minutes)

Round2: classical song


The participant can sing a song in any language in the first round

In the second round the participant should be in a position to sing a classical song.

The singer will not be judged based on the type of song he preferred to sing in the first round, rather will be asked to sing a classical song in second round and the judgement will be based on the second round

So get ready to face the challenge. All the best


Angika: Tap into music and groove to the sound. Dance like There’s no tomorrow and bag on the goodies when you win!


Solo dance competition

Time limit: min 4min and max: 6min

Group dance competition

Time limit: min 6min and max:10min

It is the solo and group dance extravaganza of TALENTINE that is bound to enthrall you with fun and set your feet taping. It is a great

 opportunity for budding dancers to flaunt their moves and enhance their talent. With each dancer trying to outdo the other and

The audience extremely enthusiast, both the participant and viewer are bound to be in the seventh heaven during the entire event.


round 1.own choice of dance style and their own songs

round 2.property round



.Pre-recorded music should be brought in a CD/DVD or a pen drive in .cda or .mp3 format only

.Teams must follow the Time Limits.

.decision of the panel of judges will be final and binding upon all.

Spare some time out of your busy schedule....Get going with these events and make this event a great success with your presence...The ball is in your court.....!!!!!
Burn the floor and steel the show....For all you people sky is the limit....

Occasion- Cultural Fest

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+1 @ www.tinyurl.com/talentine14
visit us @ www.talentine.in

#talentine_2k14 - Rama krishna chinnam

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