Taking Responsibility, The Susan Jeffer Way

Taking Responsibility, The Susan Jeffer Way


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About The Event

Responsibility, Yet another lesson in our life, something we all know but are unable to apply it.

Reading this line in itself feels so heavy. There is an instant flashback of the pain, anger , helplessness and a feeling of a loser that each one of us have gone through when we tried to take responsibility ( or did not take responsibility).

 However complicated a situation may be, we all know that the first step to the solution is “Taking Responsibility”

If this is so important, then why do we feel so heavy and often pass the buck. Some of us also pretend having taken responsibility and others keep trying. Often times, we live in denial and blame ourselves and others.

Taking Responsibility is such a struggle for a very simple reason.


Our early childhood experiences of taking responsibility meant whose fault was it or who do I find to be blamed.

Often when we tried to, we were ridiculed and humiliated and sometimes even punished for being truthful.

The adults around us were no good either, cos they too had never been taught how to.

Perhaps, It is time we reeducate ourselves step by step in a very safe and gentle space such that our Perception about responsibility change.

WHY? Because, In Susan’s words, we really are in control…all the time. Whether we like it or not, responsibility is ours to take. Of course only if we expect our lives to work. Victims do not have to do this kind of work.

Join us in this 4 hour session as we simplify “Taking Responsibility” into seven doable steps. Of course, these steps are tried and tested and discovered by Susan Jeffers herself ( author of famous book ‘Feel the fear and do it anyways’

-You will understand and you will be able to take responsibility of your in every area.
-You will feel in control of your life.
-You will experience freedom in relationship and you will honour yourself.
-It’s been designed with practical approach(no conceptual) structured way implementing in your life.
-You will have set of affirmation to practice and feel safe while taking responsibility


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