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So, you want to go from taking mere snapshots to Making Great Photographs ?
And if you are wo

Taking Great Photographs - Seminar by National Geographic Photographer Massimo Bassano


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About The Event

A One day Seminar on Digital Photography by National Geographic Photographer Massimo Bassano and Travel & Landscape Photographer Abhishek Sabbarwal

So, you want to go from taking mere snapshots to Making Great Photographs ?

And if you are wondering whether this Digital Photography Seminar will get you there? Answer these simple questions and you will know!!

Q. Have you ever wondered

Just why your images don’t look as good as you would want them to ?

Q. Were you ever curious about

How those who continuously produce amazing photographs go about doing so ? 

Q. Did you ever purchase

The great SLR camera only to find that it does not take great photographs ? 

Q. Purchased other expensive equipment

Only to find that they did not help in taking great photos either ? 

Q. Attended a Seminar or two

And maybe went through hundreds of articles teaching you about composition, rule of thirds, shutter speeds…blah blah blah, spending your valuable time, effort and money and then trying to religiously implement them, only to realize that…. It still din’t help you take great Photographs!! 

Q. Or Maybe you already know photography to a certain level but it still doesn’t satisfy you

And you want to take it to the next level ? 

Q. Or Maybe you don’t know anything about photography and want to understand what it takes to take good photographs and get a jump start

Are you a novice in photography ? 

Q. Are you amazed when you look at photos from National Geographic

And you wish you could talk to a photographer from National Geographic directly and pick their brain ? This is your chance to interact with one directly. Do you want to do this ? 

Q. Does this all sound familiar

And Are you still nodding your head ? 

                                                                                                                                                           Seminar Synopsis

What this seminar is all about ?

This is unique and one-of-a-kind Digital Photography seminar designed for everyone to become better Photographers. The seminar content is designed to cater to the needs of Photographers from all levels. It will lay emphasis on enhancing your abilities and skills when it comes to taking great photos. The focus will be on creating a photograph from the the start - like what to shoot, where to shoot, how to shoot and presenting it finally. After the seminar you will walk out with much more confidence and will find yourself doing better than before…!!

What you will learn in this Seminar ? 

The Elements of Digital Photography : 

Seeing Things Creatively : Seeing is different from composing. When you see something you take apart, using your heart and mind, the huge amount of visual data. The problem is that you have pre-conceived ideas about how something should look, and that is what you photograph, so if you want to be creative you must drop these pre-conceptions, and start looking at things from a small child’s “innocence”.Nothing will make your photographs amazing unless you start to learn to see things around you in your everyday life in a different way. After a while creative vision becomes as natural as breathing, and when this occurs, you can concentrate on capturing the moment.

Compose.. Compose.. Compose : Like seeing is taking everything apart, Composition is putting everything you see together. Simply put, composing an image means arranging elements within it in a way that suits the core idea or goal of your work best. Arranging elements can be done by actually moving the objects or subjects.Composition is a way of guiding the viewer’s eye towards the most important elements of your work, sometimes – in a very specific order. A good composition can help make a masterpiece even out of the dullest objects and subjects in the plainest of environments. Learn the different elements of composition and how they play an important role in defining your photograph and your photography.

Exposure, ISO, Shutter speed etc etc… : What comes next is the technical details that go in creating a photography. Creating a harmonious exposure using the aperture, shutter speed and ISO is a juggling act. As soon as you make a decision about one element, you’ll need to compromise with another.Learn how these different work together in shaping the final image. The trick to balancing The Exposure Triangle is to get all three elements working together so you get the results you want ,and not what the camera tells you you can have. Learn how to get exposure right under different situations and conditions.

Putting it all together : How to use above all ingredients and put everything together to create a striking image. Now that you know importance and usageof both the aesthetic sense and the technical terms, learn how to put all of these together to create the masterpiece image.

Wait There’s more...


Different Genre’s of Photography : Each of the Photography genre's have their specific field skills which play a very important role. Go over some of the different genre’s of Photography like Black and White, Travel Photography, Landscape, Photojournalism, Environmental portraits etc, etc and learn the better ways of doing things in these fields.


Avoiding Common mistakes : All of us make some very common mistakes while shooting. Learn how you could avoid some of the most common mistakes that go a long way in refining your photos and make them look better.


Who will you be learning from ? 


Massimo Bassano (National Geographic Photographer & Photojournalist)

Born and raised in Italy, photojournalist Massimo Bassano has been working for National Geographic for the last 26 years in different positions. He himself had learned from the most famous National Geographic photographers and his work has been published in National Geographic Traveler, in the National Geographic on-line editions, as well as in numerous European publications. He regularly teaches National Geographic photography workshops Worldwide. His acclaimed photography book "The Color of Silence", detailed on the 12 weeks he spent in a little-known Italian monastery living as a monk, is in the pure documentary photography style. 

Massimo has also traveled and photographed extensively in Europe and Africa. A veteran of numerous Around the World by Private Jet trips, Massimo frequently joins photography and other type of expeditions for National Geographic, and is a favorite with the Society's travelers. Massimo's personality is perpetual enthusiasm about photography, meeting people of different cultures as also teaching people the way to be a better photographer.


Abhishek Sabbarwal (Travel & Landscape Photographer)

Born & bred in India. Currently based in San Jose, California Abhishek he has been on photography expeditions on his own and with National Geographic with an intention of capturing the beautiful world and its amazing people and soul searching rather than anything else. He is constantly looking out to explore new places, experiencing new cultures and connecting with new people. Together with Massimo he has traveled across Italy and Morocco shooting breathtaking images of beautiful landscapes, local customs and the people. He also travelled across USA shooting amazing National Parks and iconic cities. With his work he strives to bring the viewers on a powerful, visual and emotional journey to the very reaches of this planet. Abhishek's personality is that of an enthusiastic traveller getting lost in different cities, chasing light to get the best shots and teaching people photography. 


And above all the best learning experience


The National Geographic experience of Massimo and expertise of Abhishek : You have this unique opportunity to learn from the best people. Make it count. Learn what they do and how they do it at National Geographic. Hear their stories, learn from their experience and expertise and get the best out of it.


Question & Answers : The stage will be open for Q & A throughout the seminar and we would love answer your questions and help clarify things as we move along. This is your best chance to interact with Massimo and Abhishek and get your doubts cleared and questions answered.


Where and When is the Seminar ?

Location : Sumant Moolgaokar Auditorium

MCCIA Trade Tower, ICC Complex (A Wing, Ground Floor)

403 Senapati Bapat Road, Pune, India

Date: Sunday July 24, 2016

Time : 09:30AM - 6:00PM 




Is this a FREE event ?

No. This is not a free event and tickets will be issued on a first come first serve basis. 


How long is the duration of the event ?

This will be an all day event. Atleast 6+ hours. Normally the venues are available for 7-8 hours and we plan to use all of it. We need you to make the most of this event from Massimo and Abhishek. 


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

There is no age limit. However, you will be required to present an ID and the ticket, you received after registering for the event, at the door. 


Do I need to bring my Camera ?

No. It is not necessary. However you may carry it with you if you want to. 


What else do I need to bring ?

Please do not forget to bring a Notebook to take notes. Also, bring your curiosity, doubts, questions, ideas that you might want to discuss and the desire to learn. That should be it (= 


Will I be hungry the whole day ?

No. You won't be. Lunch/Dinner (depending on the time schedule) will be served for everyone. No one can learn and focus with an empty belly. 


What is the Ticket Cancellation Policy ?

Tickets once issued cannot be cancelled and refunded. Tickets will be refunded in full only in the case of the entire event being cancelled. 


For more information on Seminars contact us at Or call at (+91) 8800121651

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