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Psntrainings providing Tableau online training from hyderabad india. Tableau online training is having good demand in the market, Our Tableau online training faculty is very much experienced and highly qualified and dedicated.


Our Tableau online training program is job oriented. After completion of Tableau online training with us you should be able to work on any kind of project. After completion of Tableau online training our dedicated team will be supporting you.


 Please contact us for Tableau online training Demo in our is the Best Tableau online training Institute in Hyderabad, India.


Course Content


Introduce Tableau.

      • What is Business Intelligence(BI)
      • Tableau Role in BI
      • Why Tableau ?
      • Compare with Other Tools

Products of Tableau


Lesson 1:Getting Started, Connecting to Various Data Sources.

      • Connecting to Data Sources
      • Dimensions & Measures
      • What is Show Me ?
      • Views / Sheets
      • Building Dashboards
      • Labels


Lesson 2: Data Connections & Data Source Filtering.

      • Data Connection and Edit Connection
      • Data Source Filtering
      • Extracts and Extract Filtering
      • Analyzing
      • Hierarchies, Groups, Sets, Aggregations, Filters
      • Page Self
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Lesson 3: Calculations and Sharing

      • Calculated Fields
      • Parameters
      • Customized Calculating Fields
      • File Formats
      • Publishing into Tableau Server
      • Tableau Reader


Lesson 4: Data Visualization with Show Me

      • What is Data Visualization
      • Types of Representations in Show Me
      • Extracts and Extract Filtering
      • Analyzing
      • Hierarchies, Groups, Sets, Aggregations, Filters
      • Page Self
      • tableau training in hyderabad



Lesson 5: Advanced Tableau Visualizations and Data Blending

      • Working with Time Series Data
      • Tableau mapping
      • Basic Dash boarding
      • Data Blending and Advantages
      • Forecasting


Lesson 6: User Calculations & Aggregate Calculations

      • User and Date Calculations
      • Table Calculations
      • Type Conversions
      • Filtering Conditions (Static and Dynamic)
      • Multiple Data source Joins
      • Publishing Data Connections/ Data Sources
      • tableau online training in hyderabad



Lesson 7: Tableau Server Introduction

      • Why Tableau Server ?
      • Diff. b/n Desktop and Server
      • Basics of Server and Security
      • Tableau Server vs. Tableau Online
      • Speed of Delivery
      • Server Configuration


Lesson 8: Tableau Server Installation

      • System Requirements
      • Authentication
      • Processes and Backgrounder
      • Administrator Creation
      • Metadata Management
      • Tabcmd


Lesson 9: Tableau Server Admin

      • Start and Stop ?
      • Monitoring regular Refresh of Reports
      • Sites, Projects, Groups and User Management
      • Performance Monitoring
      • Backups
      • Support and Maintenance
      • Query Optimization
      • tableau training in india



Lesson 10: Tableau Server End User Training

      • End User ?
      • Log in to Server
      • Navigating and Interfacing with Portal
      • Customized Views and Save as
      • Sharing and Subscriptions
      • Types of Permissions ( Viewer, Interactor etc.,)
      • Downloading
      • tableau training in india



Lesson 11: Quick Wrap up of all Lessons


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