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Time is Money


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About The Event

Every morning my purse is magically filled with 24 hrs of time. I can compare time with a plain bar of iron, which, say is worth Rs. 100. Now I can convert this iron bar into nails that may get me Rs. 1,000 or the same bar of iron can be turned into balancing springs for watches, which can get me Rs. 100,000/-. The same is true with time. Only a few have learned to turn a golden hour into true-tempered watch springs. If you are committed to convert your most important asset TIME into earning, then this program is must.

We are into business. What does that mean? We are busy; we want to get more jobs done in less time. But sometimes, the way we communicate, we dig our own grave by prolonging the communication with negative output. Grammatically you may be perfect, but that does not mean anything to us unless you are getting the desired result.

Online Registration Rs.199/- and at the venue registration Rs.300/- 

Venue: LMA Leadership Centre, Hyderabad,  3A, Dhanajaya Chamber, 3rd Floor, opposite to Maitrivanam, Yousufguda Main Road, Near Sarathi Studio, Ameerpet, Next to Cafe Coffee Day, Metro Rail Pillar No.14. Please type 'LMA Ledaership Centre' in google map or call us on Ph: 9989675936 if you have difficulty to locate the place 

What I am today is due to the actions I have taken in the past and the actions I will take today will define my tomorrows. I can cheat others but I can't cheat self.

I realized I need to prioritize where I should invest my time. If I invest time on film stars, cricketers and other celebrities, they make money out of me. Once I decide to invest time on self to be successful, I will come across hurdles and difficulties. These hurdles are mostly created by my near and dear ones; unknowingly they will place obstacles in my path to success. They will not support me to keep my commitments and be punctual. They will encourage me to procrastinate and expect more of my time, and if I don't give them my precious time they will accuse me of betrayal.

It's important to understand my priority, my inspiration and my goal in life. In this world no one gets more than 24 hours a day. If I use that time for my own development; then others are deprived of that time. To keep my commitment with self, I will be accused of betrayal by others, as they are not getting the time which they used to get in the past.

The relationship with myself is the most important; as I will be with myself all the time. My
self esteem goes down every time I am apologetic about my delays. Others will leave me when their interest is over or if I am not fulfilling their expectations. I should ask my conscience and my soul to follow the path that is right for me. I need to check my commitment list which I had committed earlier, and then take up the next assignment. If I over commit; I won't be able to keep my commitment to others as well as to my own self. It will bring down my self-esteem, self-respect and raise my stress level.

This program will take away your suffering of procrastination....

If you want to help your family, relatives, friends and the society, you must be financially, intellectually and emotionally stable and independent. Only independent people can help others whole heartedly.
So let's cut to the point…
If you know, deep down inside that you need to make a major change in your life right now then now is the time to act. If you feel, that you are so much capable and resourceful than you've been letting on, then now is the time to act. It's time to cut excuses, step up and  take responsibility to organise for yourself and your life…
It's now or never, because tomorrow is too late.

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