Symbhav 2013: Symbiosis Law School, Pune’s Fest (Feb 22-24)

Symbhav 2013: Symbiosis Law School, Pune’s Fest (Feb 22-24)


About The Event


Symbiosis Law School, Pune presents  Symbhav 2013!

In the year 2009, a group of enterprising law students decided to work together and give Pune it’s biggest college fest – Symbhav!

The fest has continued its steady rise as a platform for college students from across the country to showcase their talent, and have a good time while they’re at it! Symbhav features a wide variety of events ranging from quizzes, debates, legal events to sports, theatre, music and fine arts events. We have something for everyone, quite literally.

From the very beginning, Symbhav has been successful in playing host to renowned musical artistes and bands in the form of Pronights. Artist over the years include Indian Ocean, Parikarama, Junkyard Groove, Jalebee Cartel, Them Clones, Advaita, Avial, Agnee, Cyanide, Navin Kumar, Niladri Kumar and Sivamani among others.

This year, we bring you the Fifth Edition of Symbhav :Symbhav 2013!

And this time, it’s going to be ‘Essentially Desi’!

The reason behind our theme this year was arrived at after some introspection into our lives as Indian students in the 21st Century. We realized that, no matter how fast your internet is, how catchy your collection of international pop is, and how tasty that pizza you keep ordering is, nothing quite completes an afternoon of procrastination like an irreplaceable need to consume paneer tikka or butter chicken.


No, we are not an Indian food festival. But we believe that that special serving of desi-ness makes everything perfect. Come February 22 and our humble campus would take on the look of carnival, rather amela. Expect the awesomeness that Symbhav is every year, only bigger and better. We will be wearing our hearts on our sleeves while we work hard to give you a world-class fest. Because, as a great man once said, Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindustani!

List of Events:



Fashion Show

Group Dance : Dance Vance

Solo Dance : Zara Nacke Dikha

For Those About To Rock

War Of Djs :Lord of the Beats



Tech-Biz Quiz : Biz Ipsa Loquitor

Entertainment Quiz : Les Quizrables

Legal Quiz : The Shantanu Tomar Memorial Quiz on Law Economics and International Affairs I

Informal Quizzes (Bollywood, Taboo And Testosterone) ·

General Quiz :

Jigyasa · India Quiz :

The Desi Quiz · Bollywood : Kitne Aadmi The



Whats The Good Word

Jam : Whiplash

Extempore : Ramble On

Debate : Behas Ki Bochaar

Ersatz – Beyond Words – A Documentary Making Competition

Creative Writing 4th Estate



Gum Art – Chabao aur Chipkao

Face Painting : Rangrez

Finger Painting : Aaunguli Maar



Client Counselling : Farmayiye Huzoor

Moot Court : Tareeq Pe Tareeq

Negotiation : Jugaad

Mock Indian Parliament



Mr And Ms Symbhav

Photography : India Framed

Culinary Event : Rasoi Art

Dumb Charades: Dramebaaz

On The Spot Acting :Full on Nautanki

Mad Ads : Aachaar Prachaar

Street Play: Shank Naad

Gaming : Xenos

Stand Up Comedy : Boink



Western Solo Singing : Room Full of Mirrors

Hindi Solo Singing : Ninaad





Table Tennis






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