Switchword : Create Magic in your Life

Switchword : Create Magic in your Life


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About The Event

Switchwords were first identified by Freud and then researched by James T. Mangan in the 1960s. These power words speak directly to our subconscious mind, helping clear blocks to success and activating our ability to manifest love, money, creativity, self-healing and success.


Switchwords are single words and can be called one word affirmation. By declaring, affirming, chanting, singing or even just by thinking one word, you can reliably bring into existence desired conditions, manifestations or results in your life. Each switchword is an essence of a particular condition, manifestation or result in your life. When we declare or repeat a switchword, the associated condition, manifestation or result reliably appears, either immediately or over time.


It's much easier to bring conditions or manifestations using a switchword. When we use a switchword, our creative energy can remain focused in the single moment of NOW which is immensely powerful. Declaring a switchword is like flipping a switch to bring about electric lighting. In modern terms switchwords can be called software commands for our minds


The Course Details


  • Learn the meaning of Switchwords.
  • Learn the power of Switchwords with advance gratitude
  • Create your own Switchwords
  • PERSONAL Name Switchwords
  • Create Energy Circles
  • Colors and their meanings
  • Water charging techniques
  • Visualization and  Switchwords
  • How to set intentions, the right way of chanting and what to do after chanting - How to Let go!


Benefit of Course


  • Manifesting goals and desires
  • Healing self and others
  • Transmuting negative in to positive energy
  • Reduce and/or transmute the effects of diseases
  • Making impossible things possible
  • Healing of mind, body, heart, and soul
  • De-Addictions now possible
  • Overcoming fears and obstacles
  • Creating success stories
  • Better Health and Weight Loss
  • Support Group created on ‘Whats App’


Date : 25th November, 2017


Timings: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Energy Exchange : Rs. 5000 including Certificate, Manual, Lunch, & Set of Energy Circles


Venue : RUUHAN : The Spiritual Training and Healing Center, B – 119 Ground Floor, Parsvanath Paradise, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad near Vaishali Metro Station



About Facilitator


Nitin Mohan Lal has been taking courses and classes on Switchwords in New Delhi, and around the country. The course content is very high and extremely useful. Many people have benefitted personally after learning Switchwords , Energy Circles (ECs), Energy Vials, Healing Numbers and Frequencies, Emotional Freedom Techniques from Nitin Mohan Lal and have also extended benefits to their clients . Help yourself and help others by learning Switchwords and Energy Circles etc from Nitin Mohan Lal. He has been practicing Switchwords and other spiritual modalities since long and molded life of many people by his simple and true guidance.


It was Nitin's curious instinct, humane temperament and intuitive bent of mind, which today, makes him 'What he Is' - an Alternative Therapy expert and trainer specializing in diverse techniques ranging from Tarot Reading, Angel Reading, Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Switchword, Numerology, Gratitude, Past Life Regression, Pranic Healing, Crystal Therapy, Color Therapy, Chakra Healing, Pyramid Therapy, Aura Reading, Dowsing, Reiki Healing, Angel Healing


He has done Masters in Business Administration in the field of Human Resource & Personal Administration and Masters in Industrial Psychology. He has worked with Japanese Multinational Company for 15 years.


He is a blessed channel of light. His knowledge & interest in metaphysics enriches his beingness. He does personal healing sessions, along with conducting workshops on a regular basis. He has worked with thousands of people to bring balance and healing to their lives through one-on-one sessions, group presentations, workshops, distance healing and telephone consultations. His uplifting and empowering presentation style is light-hearted and joyful, and makes transforming your life easy and fun.