SWITCH - Discover the Future of Energy (2 March 2013 - 6 pm.)

SWITCH - Discover the Future of Energy (2 March 2013 - 6 pm.)


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About The Event

An award winning documentary screening in India

Every energy resource — fossil, nuclear and renewable — is undergoing profound changes. And overall, we're gradually shifting from coal and oil to the energies of tomorrow.

This sweeping transition is the subject of Switch. But rather than advocate for how it should happen, Switch travels the world to discover how it most likely will happen.

Switch is also about a changing energy conversation. Today, it’s polarized and unproductive. Switch focuses on practical realities and encourages a balanced understanding.

Finally, Switch is about changing the way we use energy, to realize the many economic and environmental benefits of efficiency.

  • Will renewables power our future?
  • How dangerous is nuclear? Will we run out of oil?
  • Can we clean upcoal?
  • Will fracking pollute our water?


Get the straight answers to today’s most pressing energy questions in Switch, the acclaimed new documentary and web video series.

In Switch, energy visionary Dr. Scott Tinker travels the world, exploring leading energy sites from coal to solar, oil to biofuels, most of them highly restricted and never before seen on film. He seeks the truth from the international leaders of government, industry and academia. In the end, he cuts through the confusion to discover a path to our energy future as surprising as it is practical.

Building on a successful US theatrical and university run, Switch will play across the globe this year. Dr. Tinker and director Harry Lynch will lead discussions at select screenings and are available for interviews.


About the Project:
Switch is part of the Switch Energy Project (www.switchenergyproject.com), a multi‐platform effort to
build a practical global understanding of energy.

The project was created by Arcos Films, directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Harry Lynch and co‐produced with energy expert Dr. Scott Tinker. It also includes a continually expanding website of 300 videos on the energy topics that drive our world; a university screening and energy efficiency program co‐developed with the Geological Society of America; an education program of videos and curricula codeveloped with NEED.org and the American Geological Institute; and eventually a broadcast/webcast
series to discover solutions to our most pressing energy challenges.


About Dr. Scott Tinker:
Dr. Scott Tinker has been exploring energy for 30 years. His passion is bringing government, industry and academia together to solve some of the world’s toughest energy challenges. Toward that end he has given nearly 500 invited and keynote lectures in nearly 50 countries. Dr. Tinker is the Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology, the State Geologist of Texas, a Professor holding the Allday Endowed Chair, and the acting Associate Dean of Research at the Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin. 


Press Reviews

  • “Smart and refreshingly free of hot air.” ‐ Washington Post
  • “Intelligent, honest and quite effective.” ‐ Variety
  • “Agenda free journalism ‐ that’s what makes Switch so impressive.” ‐ Cinespect
  • “Affable, reasonable and unfailingly curious.” ‐ Boston Globe
  • “An admirable job untangling the issues.” ‐ Los Angeles Times
  • “Must‐see entertainment for every person in America.” ‐ DC Film Review


Show date: 2 March 2013

Show time: 6pm - 8.30 pm

Venue: Cheval Restaurant, 145, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

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