Swedish Jazz Jump4Joy At IIT

Swedish Jazz Jump4Joy At IIT


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Jump4Joy is a constant experiment, where Ulf & Bo bring their very special humor and energy as aduoor quartet to club gigs, concerts, festivals, theaters, burlesque shows, dance events, corporate events, symphony arrangements and gospel choirs.

As an award winning artist, Ulf Sandström is skilled in piano and organ. He also has a magnetic voice which can bring you into the dreamlike world and Appreciating the charm of music.

Mighty Bo Gustafsson is good at playing jazz and ska music ( a kind of pop music in Jamaica ) with sax. Good music is full of rhythm!Kenneth Bjornlund and Surjo Benigh are remarkable players. They will bring you music full of the tightest rhythm, strong yet flexible.

Swedish Jazz was introduced in Sweden during the 1920s, and was spread through dance halls and concerts. During the 1930s and 1940s the popularity was increasing, together with increasing record sales. It was by this time that the first jazz clubs was started in Sweden.

The golden age of Swedish jazz is considered to be during the 1950s, with artists like Arne Domnérus, Lars Gullin, Alice Babs and Monica Zetterlund. The Stockholm Jazz Festival was established in 1980.

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