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About The Event

Swayam is the annual intercollegiate festival hosted by MVJ College of Engineering. The cultural festival hosts over 50 colleges from around the state to compete, display and prove their excellence in extracurricular activities. The enthusiasm of the students led to the birth of this cultural fest making it better and bigger by the year. “Swayam” is derived from the very name it hopes to exemplify, to try and bring out the natural talent in each individual.In the year 2017, SWAYAM was hosted on May 4th and 5th, with the popular theme “Retro-Back in the 90’s”. The highlight of the fest was Theatrical events, Paintball and the Battle of The Bands.

Continuing with the tradition of providing an academically and culturally stimulating atmosphere, we hope to build on the grand success of Swayam 2K17 and make Swayam 2K18 more magnificent. The theme incorporated this year is "#AROUND THE WORLD.

The glorious fest will be decorated by national level sensation. The profile of each celebrity visiting us would enrich the quality of fest. Since the fest will be witnessed by huge crowd because of prominent music artist and comedian lined up for the fest.

SWAYAM'15 has witnessed a revolution in MVJCE history like no other. All records of maximum footfall from our college students as well as outside students, total amount of event registrations, quality of stalls, magnanimity of performing artists and the overall phenomenon of the fest have not just been broken but shattered. We have surpassed all odds and finally created the legacy of SWAYAM.

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