Supply Chain Traceability is Going Digital: What Can You do to be Prepared - By Compliance Global Inc.

Supply Chain Traceability is Going Digital: What Can You do to be Prepared - By Compliance Global Inc.


  • Supply Chain Traceability is Going Digital What Can You do to be Prepared

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About The Event



RFID, bar code, satellite, Zigbee, cell phones, tablets, packaging, data loggers, the cloud and other traceability alternatives are now available to provide traceability at the item, case, pallet and container levels. Many of these new systems bring with them the ability to collect location (GPS) and condition (temperature, humidity) data and transmit data via the Internet to “the cloud”.   The power of these traceability technologies to provide predictive and preventive analytics is critical to food safety.

New FSMA planning requirements in the food sector require recall planning and recall testing in all sectors of the food supply chain. Recall requires traceability data that tells what food is in the stream, where it is located and recall systems must be able to provide such information in real time. Reducing recall time means reducing illness, the loss of life and damage to the industry’s reputation.


Why Should You Attend


The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is poised to enact new laws impacting most food industry operations.  However, traceability is one of the most critical aspects of food control has been left out of the new legal or FDA guidance.  Regardless of the FDA’s reluctance to provide direction, industry leaders are adopting digital traceability strategies at a rapid pace.  

Time is running extremely short for those logistics personnel who have long delayed upgrading their thinking and systems.  New FDA FSMA rules will become enacted and legal requirements within the next few months and will provide the FDA with full enforcement powers.

Under the FDA and the FSMA, you will be required to provide documented proof of sanitation, temperature and other types of food safety controls. In this webinar, you will learn how to tie those data requirements and other food safety certification information to your traceability system and to work with your supply chain to provide effective implementation.

This digital traceability webinar will cover the nature and advantages of supply chain digital traceability and many of the concepts as well as the current and future hardware and software technological innovations.


Areas Covered in this Webinar


•  FSMA and the Institute of Food Technologists Traceability Recommendations
•  Traceability & Data Standardization
•  Analytics
•  Real-time 
•  One Up and One Back is Dead
•  The produce traceability initiative (PTI)
•  Cool Pak
•  Data In the Cloud vs Data Privately Held
•  Linking Traceability to Food Safety and Recall Data
•  Item, Case, Pallet and Container Level Traceability
•  Identity, Temperature, Location, Inventory and Maintenance Data
•  Bar Code, Wireless, RFID, Cell Phone, Satellite
•  Food Distribution System: Container ID, traceability, temperature, location and sanitation
•  Where is the FDA on the traceability issue


Learning Objectives


•  Understand how the digital world will save your company money
•  Meet proposed rule data and documentation requirements
•  Learn about new temperature monitoring and sanitation procedures and products
•  Learn which testing strategies might be best for your business
•  Relieve your workforce of paperwork and documentation
•  Understand how traceability can improve your inventory control and accuracy
•  Learn which system is the best for your application
•  Understand how sensor technology enables new measurement and monitoring


Who Will Benefit


•  Grower/Shipper Management
•  Food Carriers and Logistics Specialists
•  Distributors, Freight Forwarders and Warehouse Personnel
•  Drivers
•  Storage Managers
•  Food Processors
•  Food Safety and Quality Personnel
•  Company IT and Traceability System Specialists



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