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Introducing WIN WIN Concept.
We are proud to introduce a new concept called the \\\



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About The Event


Introducing WIN WIN Concept.

We are proud to introduce a new concept called the "Win Win Situation".
If you win a match you go to the next round and if you lose you get cash. If a team crashes out in Match number 2 they get Rs.500 and this amount will keep doubling till the final.

If you lose second match you win ₹500, if you lose third match you win ₹1000, if you lose your fourth match you win ₹2000, if you lose in the fifth match you win ₹4000. And if you win the finals you get ₹15000


All the footballers be ready to show off some skills.                 

Present you an open football tournament with WIN WIN Situation.

Team Registration Amount: ₹ 2000 Only.

☆Winners get 15000 cash.                         

☆Runners up get 4000 cash.

☆3rdand 4th get 2000 cash.

☆5th To 8th Prize: 1000 cash.

☆9th To 16th Prize: 500 cash.

Format: 5 playing +2 subs.

Venue: Gym Park, IP Extension, New Delhi. (Opposite national victor school) Nearest metro station - Aanand vihar.

Date:  26 and 27 December 2015

For Registration contact:

Rishabh - 9971470131 (Available on WhatsApp)

GSA Academy: 8800370194

See you there  :D

Event organized by Foot & Boot and GSA Academy.

Terms & Conditions


One Referee will officiate the entire game.
All Referee decisions are final.


10 minutes each half with 5 minute break for all the games.

5 players including a goalkeeper will be allowed to play with 3 players as rolling substitutes.
Game will not be stopped for substitutions. The player to be substituted will come to the half line and change with the player coming in. Until the player going out is not out of the field the player coming in cannot enter.

1 RED CARD = Suspension from match
2 YELLOW CARD = Suspension for 3 minutes.
However, any team or player indulging in violence will be debarred from the tournament.

Field Hockey Goals will be used & the size of the field can be seen at the venue.

No reschedules of the games will be permitted. If you cannot field a team then it will be a walkover with a 3-0 goal difference awarded against your team.

Teams have to report 30 min prior to their match time.

Goalkeeper can play as a player but can stop the ball with hands only inside his D Area.

No Offside will be there.

Match would stop only if the ball goes behind the bar or outside of the cage.

No throw in will be allowed, in case the ball goes out of the playing arena, a kick in will be awarded.

Team kicking 3 times outside the cage would give away a penalty kick to opposite team.



All the teams that have won their first match are eligible for prize.

Prize money would keep on doubling after every match a team wins starting from ₹500.

Winner of the tournament would get ₹15000 as prize money.

Prizes would be given to teams according to the matches they have won.

Teams being debarred from the tournament won’t get any prize.

Teams not winning a single are not eligible for prize.

Teams should be present at venue at the given time to collect their prize.

Prizes will be distributed to all the teams after completion of final match.



Registration is only for teams.

Registrations for 32 teams only on first cum first basis.

Teams have to submit proper details of all the player at time of registration.

Registration amount has to be paid in advance at the time of registration.

Registration amount is non-refundable.

Registration amount would be refunded only if tournament is being canceled.



If there is no clear winner than match would go into penalties. No extra time to be played.

One player can play from one team only.

If a player is found to be playing from more than 1 teams than he/she would be barred from the tournament.


For Further Details and information contact:

Rishabh Bhutoria: 9971470131 (Available on WhatsApp)

GSA Academy: 8800370194

Event organized by Foot & Boot and GSA Academy.


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