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Our Mission

OnlySuccess always believes in “Making People Powerful”. Powered by the most passionate people, OnlySuccess reaches out to many people across the globe with the mission of
Making People Powerful
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Superbkids Superbteens


  • Sperbkids Superbteens Camp1 July 19 to 20 and 26 to 27 2014

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  • Sperbkids Superbteens Camp2 Aug 14 to Aug 17 2014

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About The Event

Our Mission

OnlySuccess always believes in “Making People Powerful”. Powered by the most passionate people, OnlySuccess reaches out to many people across the globe with the mission of
  1. Making People Powerful
  2. Help people realize and understand the true potential in them
  3. Give choices to help people achieve exceptional results in life and Design their destiny


The Training Methods of the Program

The most advanced and best methodologies are used for training the children in the Superbkids & Superbteens program. This makes children realize their true potential and achieve excellence in studies.

Neuro Linguistic Programming:
The core technology of the Superbkids & Superbteens program is NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, the ultimate science of Personal Development. NLP helps the trainers to drive in the various concepts of Life Skills to the students.

Whole Brain Methods and Accelerated Learning Methods:
95% of the time, children use their Left Brain in studies which does not stimulate the interest they need. Whole Brain activates the brain for sustained concentration and better retention.

The Training Philosophy
The main reason behind children having high focus and concentration in the computer game is because of the usage of the Whole Brain Methods. So if they use the same for studies
they have increased concentration and higher interest as well. If children can concentrate well in games and television they can do the same in their studies as well.

There are no attention deficit children, there are only teaching methodologies that cannot grab the attention of the child.

Parent's Home Follow Up Manual

Follow up System
With the experience of training thousands of kids and teens, an intensive follow up action plan is devised for the graduates to ensure that they stay motivated and continuously apply the various techniques learnt.

Parent’s Home Follow Up Manual / Parent’s Training
Parent of graduates are provided with a manual, a complete set of instructions for the parents to follow through after the completion of the program. Adhering to the said principles and techniques in the manual we will get the best from the child. 

As part of the program, parents are initiated to the learnings of the camp. This parents training helps in providing an empowering climate at home.

OnlySuccess Leadership Academy (Optional)
Leadership Academy is formed by OnlySuccess for children from age 9 to 19, to motivate and inspire them to be the best leaders of tomorrow. Leadership Academy will foster a empowered life for the children. In today’s world, it is not just about KNOWING. While enough training is given for children to improve their mental and physical strength, very less training is given for them on DOING. While knowledge and skills are improved at an exponential rate, the skills of STREET SMARTNESS and LEADERSHIP is not given to the children in schools. 

During the Superbkids & Superbteens training program children focused on the Learning and the Attitude, enough importance must also be given to them, for getting the Survival Instincts and Leadership Abilities.


Coahing Opportunity for the Graduates
As part of the follow up system, the graduates are given an opportunity to come back as coaches to handle children of their age groups during the future training programs. This would be a platform to revise and master the techniques learnt during their camp, making them independent in their studies as well. Being a Coach will also help them sharpen their leadership skills and communication skills.

OnlySuccess Coaches
Coaches at OnlySuccess are committed, skilled and trained to mentor the kids and teens during and after the training programs. Coaches include people from various fields such as CEOs and GMs of Multinational Companies, Qualified Doctors, Government Employees, Teachers and Professors, Businessmen, Corporate Executives etc.


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