Summer Training cum Internship Program on Robotics at Bangalore

Summer Training cum Internship Program on Robotics at Bangalore


  • Rs. 17500/- per team of 5 members

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About The Event

Workshop Details

The Roboversity Summer Training cum Internship Program is a fast paced internship and training program for robotics enthusiasts to explore and learn the vast field of robotics at a lightning pace! This is the program where learning happens not by listening, but by doing! Each participant will develop 7 different robots using combinations of various technologies in a span of 15 days. The program is going to be fast, exhaustive, challenging and fun at the same time.

Workshop Specialities:

  • Understand, design and develop 7 robots yourself under the guidance of our faculty
    • Basic
      • Line Follower Robot
      • Obstacle Avoider Robot
      • Obstace Follower Robot
      • Phototropic Robot
      • Photophobic Robot
    • Medium
      • Mobile Robotics
      • Maze Solver Robot
    • Advanced
      • Swarm Robotics
      • Gesture Based Robot
  • The workshop is desgined and developed by IIT Kanpur Engineering Graduates
  • Certification from Roboversity and MobMe Wireless (for Mobile Robot)


Highlights of Program:

  • Learn to Design and Build 7 different kinds of robots involving concepts from Sensor Based Autonomous Robotics, Mobile Operated Robots, Swarm Robotics and Gesture Based Robotics
  • Courses designed by graduates of IIT Kanpur
  • Well-structured program that spans from basics to advanced robotics
  • Develop live working Robotics Projects
  • Complete Kit and software resources provided to participants
  • Encourages participants to think and come up with new designs
  • Online Examination and certificate with score


  • Industry certificate from MobMe Wireless
  • Certificate of Participation to all the participants
    • With Online Examination Scores for those who qualify
    • Without Online Examination Scores for those who donot qualify
  • Certificate of Merit by Roboversity and MobMe Wireless to the top-performers
    • The names of the winners will be put up on our participant-awards page permanently


The following awards will be given to top-performing participants

  • Best Project Award
  • Best Fabrication Award
  • Fastest Fabrication Award
  • Innovation Award

Workshop Course Content:

  • Understanding the application of various sensors and integration with Microcontrollers
  • Exposure to Mobile Communication
  • Understanding of Accelerometer sensors
  • Introduction to Swarm Intelligence and its implementation in Robotics
  • Understanding the structure and programming of Microcontrollers
  • Live testing and competition of robots

Topics to be covered:

  • Basics of Robotics
  • Embedded Systems and embedded C programming
  • Sensor Guided Autonomous Robotics - using various sensors
  • Mobile operated Robotics - using DTMF module
  • Gesture Based Robotics - using Accelerometer
  • Swarm Robotics - using RF module

Kit Details:

The following kit would be given to the participants


  • Skyfi Labs' Robotics Development Board
  • Microcontroller
  • All ICs and IC Holders
  • DC Motors
  • Wheels
  • IR Sensors
  • DTMF decoder module
  • Audio jack
  • Accelerometer Sensors
  • RF Tx-Rx Module
  • Programming Cable
  • 12 V Battery
  • Chassis
  • Digital Multi Meter*
  • Working Tools*
  • Other miscellaneous items

* will be taken back after the workshop

Other Material:

Booklets on

  • ICs and Microcontroller
  • Skyfi Labs' robotics development board
  • All the sensors and components used in the workshop
  • Programming and burning software
  • Maintenance of robots

Who should attend?

  • Student from any background with interest in robotics

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