Summer English Classes for Kids

Summer English Classes for Kids


About The Event

What is your child doing this summer vacation?


We invite you to engage your children in a world-class learning experience. We will teach your child the best ways of using the important skills of communication LISTENING- READING- WRITTING- SPEAKING. Our English classes will be an integrated coaching for all the four skills essential for effective communication in English.


Why learn English, when already taught in schools??


We will make the foundation of English Language very strong by covering the basics of English grammar, a strong foundation is very important for correct development of the language. Our teaching techniques will be activity and fun oriented so that the child learns while actually playing games. School teaching is more focussed on completion of the syllabus, not understanding of the child.


What will we teach?


We will teach them learn new words with ease and understand difficult sentences by exploring more information from various resources available. Your child will learn to listen and understand English is other accents also. Your child will be able to write in more structured format than before. He would be able to speak correct sentences and also learn to pick up his own mistakes.


What will be the teaching method?


The emphasis is more on team working and group activities, lots of self-work and presentations on all the topics, activity sheets on grammar to make it easy learning, practicing speaking through short skits and activities. Overall it will be a fun attending these special English classes. Out trainers will be real mentors and make sure each child gets the benefit of the course.


Who can take join this course?


Children studying from grade 3 to grade 10 can participate. Course is designed separately for all age groups. Contents and activities are revised and revived depending on the child to meet his specific requirements.


What will be the Class timing?


 (16th April to 5th May and 7th May to 26th May)

Morning 9 am to 11am

Evening 4pm to 6 pm

(Limited students per class, for defined attention to each child)


Where are the classes held?


St. Pauls High School

Hyderguda, Near KFC (Himayath Nagar)



Who are we?

We are called SmartSprint – Simply a better way to learn. We have successfully completed training English is eight schools last academic year, and are in a process of creating more champions in the coming years. Due to demand from parents for special summer classes we have planned this summer camp for children from other schools.

What will be the fee?


What will your child get?

·         A good mentor to teach CORRECT English

·         A proper technique to understand and learn language

·         Develop Listening skills which are not taught anywhere else

·         Refine reading, writing and speaking skills

·         And of course a certificate on completion of the course and assessment

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