Summer Camp For children

Summer Camp For children


  • Robotics

    duration 6 days, daily 3 hours and 5 years and above

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    INR 3500
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  • Fun Science

    duration 6 days, daily 3 hours and 5 years and above

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    INR 2500
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  • Juniors 4 to 7 Years, Durations - 3 weeks

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    INR 4500
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  • Seniors 8 to 12 years

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    INR 4500
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  • Teens 13 years plus - Durations 2 weeks

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    INR 3500
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About The Event

We, from ‘The School of Life’ are conducting Summer Workshop for children from the age of 4 years to 15 years. Below is the list of activities planned during the summer. 






Creative Writing


  • Writing is probably one of the most essential skills required; unfortunately today it is one of the most ignored one too!. Creative Writing training by ‘The

School of Life’ enhances your child’s skills of imagination, observation and expression.




  • The aim is to ignite the passion of building robots in children and enhancing their love for technology. Children will get to make their own robots and take them home.


Some of the activities that we plan to conduct as part of this is:

o   Basic Knowledge of Robotics and its application

o   Students make light seeker robots with light sensors

o   Hand follower robots with IR sensors

o   Path finder robots

o   Edge avoider robots, etc,.


Craft and Art


  • Creative Art & Craft ideas which children love to do. The children will learn cool tricks to turn waste material into useful items and art. The classes will be facilitated by confident and talented artists who are dedicated to ensure the hidden talent in your child comes out. Your child will have an enjoyable and satisfying creative experience. We offer new and original ideas and every child artist gets to takes home a stylish creation to be proud of! 


Fun Science


  • Our fun Science program is very entertaining and educational for children. This program will spark the imagination in the children. Through these science activities, children will learn to imagine, explore and discover our world. Our fun science activities are designed for boys and girls age from the age of 4 onwards who have big imaginations and a desire to stir up some science fun.


Some of the activities that we plan to conduct for this group are:


o   Glow in Dark

o   Elephant Toothpaste

o   Vanishing Water

o   Wind Mill ( Children get to take this home)

o   Volcano Eruption

o   Surprise Robot

o   Invisible Ink

o   Etc,.

All the materials used are safe for children.


Creative Learning


Some of the activities that we plan to conduct for this group are

  • Story Telling
  • Cooking - hands on sessions for the kids for them to know about various ingredients of food and to learn creating their favorite items. Children get to eat their own creations.
  • Coloring, etc,.


Oratory Skills


  • It is said that the fear of public speaking is the most common fear which prevents many people from achieving their peak potential. Many adults find it difficult to get up and speak in front of other people and it's no surprise that children feel the same too. At our training session we help them in overcoming their fear and guide them for better and effective communication skills

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