Suminagashi Sundays at The Hive

Suminagashi Sundays at The Hive


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About The Event

Come learn how you can use the ebb & flow of water to take mesmerizing prints on paper, plastics and everything in between at the Hive. Tint Shade presents an introductory workshop which shares some secrets about the ancient technique of Suminagashi, how it was developed in different parts of the world and how you can use it to create inspired pieces of artwork on just about everything.

The workshop will begin with a brief history of Suminagashi and various techniques one can use to achieve different results will be shared and discussed. Here we will also take a look at how this medium is being used by other contemporary artists. The second half of the workshop will give you hands on experience of how materials are prepared, what techniques can be used to get different patterns and how prints are successfully taken on paper.

So drop by The Hive on 26 th June, 2016 and make your original artworks with Suminagashi this Sunday!

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