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‘Sukanti & Anushree\\\' is an Electro-Acoustic Duo based in Kolkata with a singer songwriter at its heart. Recently the duo launched their debut album titled \\\'Ashmaan\\\' comprising eight original compositions and was n



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‘Sukanti & Anushree' is an Electro-Acoustic Duo based in Kolkata with a singer songwriter at its heart. Recently the duo launched their debut album titled 'Ashmaan' comprising eight original compositions and was nominated for Mirchi Music Awards 2014 under 'album of the year’ category. Just as each petal opens up to create the ethereal beauty of a flower in full bloom, 'Sukanti & Anushree' borrows from tradition to create a contemporary sonic landscape that takes the listeners through many moods and emotions. Driven by originals that are both soulful and thought provoking, the band also performs unique interpretations of popular Indian folk tunes ranging from Baul Fakiri, Punjabi, Sufi, Haryanvi, Rajasthani to Bihu, Nepali folk and more, adding depth and ambience that makes it all the more accessible to modern day audience. Through their sound, 'Sukanti and Anushree' offer the electro acoustic signature style that they stand for. Their treatment accentuates the moods and lyrics of the songs; and also provids the much needed psychedelia adding a swirling depth to the folk tunes. Also the duo builds the performance and plays a high energy electric set where Sukanti shifts the riffs to the Electric guitar and what is produced is massive, energetic and youthful burst of sound ideal for the young crowd! The objective is to feature an exchange of dialogue between urban Electronica music, traditional folk and original compositions reflecting times that we live in . With a firm belief that originality can sit comfortably with root music forms, 'Sukanti & Anushree' takes these seemingly opposite extreme philosophies to reach out to listeners with a set list that is versatile and entertaining and through a sound that best defines our times. Recently the duo released their debut album called 'Ashmaan' comprising eight of their original tracks written and sung by Anushree and composed by Sukanti which as the city buzz goes is absolutely a new sound, the most original piece of work in a long time! The album is available onl ne for paid downloads on iTunes, Amazon and OKListen; physical copies are available at selective stores.
Anushree is the singer-songwriter for the band. She has been trained for over 14 years in Hindustani Classical music. After finishing her masters, she took up music professionally and ever since has lent her voice for various film scores under eminent music directors like Lesle Lewis and Joy Sarkar. She also collaborated with Papon and Kartick Das Baul for other musical projects. She currently hosts the popular TV music show ‘Good Morning Akash’ on Akash Aath. Her originals in Bengali, paint the picture of city life, its highs and lows and the gamut of experiences that make life the way it is. Her lyrics and tunes are simple, bold, modern and urban; they tell stories and evoke moods. As for covers, Anushree is into varied Indian folk forms as mentioned before such as Baul, Sufi, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Bihu, UP Haryanvi folk and more, them being an integral part of her musical ethos. 
Sukanti is th e' sole sound forger for the duo, the spine behind the ' Electronica ' element that defines the sound of the outfit. Sukanti is the founder member of “ Cassini ’ s Division ” the pioneer hybrid alt rock English original act from India. With material spanning over 12years the band was winner of Sutai in South Asia (2008) and finalists of Channel V Launch Pad (2006). As part of ‘ Sukanti & Anushree’, Sukanti’s touch for the guitar is superbly human, melodic and bursting with feel. The loop she creates are trippy, psychedelic, ambient and upbeat. Sukanti's quiet yet cutting creative force is driven by his super understanding of western pop/rock /alternative and metal and above all a repertoire of 20years of professional music.
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