Sudharshana Jayanthi

Sudharshana Jayanthi


  • Sudharshana Jayanthi

    Maha Sudharshana Ashtaka Homam on the day of Sudharshana Jayanthi removes poison and black magic. It also removes evil eyes.

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About The Event

Sudharshana Jayanthi

Maha Sudarshana  Ashtaka Homam

Stay Healthy And Wealthy For Life

Scheduled Live On 1st July @ 6 PM IST

Vedicfolks is going to perform the Maha Sudarshana  Ashtaka Homam on the auspicious day of Sudharshana Jayanthi to invoke the blessings of Lord Vishnu.


Lord Sudharashana Wipes Out Enemies And Heals The Soul

Lord Sudarshan is none other than Lord Vishnu. He is called so because he wields the indestructible Sudarshan chakra. The word Sudarshan arises from two words ‘su’ which means auspicious and darshan which means vision. Chakra means a wheel that is in constant motion. The chakra was created by the combined power of the trinities Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. 

According to Puranas, Lord Krishna and Arjun assisted Lord Agni in burning the Khandav forest. In return, he gifted Krishna with a discus and koumodaki mace. Other deities who wield the discus are Goddesses Narayani and Vaishnodevi.


How Lord Vishnu Uses the Sudarshan Chakra

The Supreme deity holds the weapon on his index finger while aiming it at a target. It makes sure that the enemy is annihilated before returning to the Lord.  Its vibrations are so powerful that even after leaving its owner, it continues to be under His control. It’s so inimitable that it travels along the path of zero stress and can reach anywhere in no time. When the enemy obstructs it, the speed of the weapon automatically increases to obliterate him.


Sudarshana Chakra - Removes Mental Trauma And Brings Prosperity In Life

The Sudarshana chakra has six spokes and its centre is composed of vajra, a very hard material like diamond. These spokes are like a six-petal lotus which represents the boundless power of creation and destruction which goes on incessantly.

Its character is to revolve like the universe that exhibits the will to multiply. It also represents supreme power and the circle signifies divine power of illusion. It has the ability to eliminate ignorance and destroy enemies. People worship the chakra to remove affliction or to release mental trauma.


Why Maha Sudharshana Ashtaka Homam on Sudharshana Jayanthi 

Sudarshana Jayanthi is dedicated to the Sudarshana Chakra of God Vishnu. The divine wheel is said to have appeared on this day and worshipping it is equal to worshipping the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu. The homa on this day empowers a person with positive vibrations and stops unexpected dangers and fears that hinder the path of progress. Lord Sudarsana uses his mighty weapon to grant everything that a devotee wants. The healing power of the chakra relieves one of all types of diseases.


Benefits of Maha Sudharshana Ashtaka Homam

  • Empower yourself with positive vibrations
  • Relief from sufferings caused by enemies
  • Removes poison and black magic
  • Destroys people like thieves
  • Succour to unexplainable diseases and illness
  • Boon to people stricken with poverty
  • Removes evil eyes
  • Attain moksha and atone for sins


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