Business Ideas are the pillars of any successful business plan, Learn business idea generation in a simple way to make your business idea successful..

Successful Business Idea Generation in a simple way


  • Business Idea Generation Workshop

    ( Including High Tea and Lunch )

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  • Business Idea Generation Workshop

    ( Including High Tea and Lunch )

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About The Event

How to Generate Business Ideas


Learn Successful Business Idea Generation in a Simple Way


You Learn Business Idea Generation Here :
•  Learn Core Idea of a Business




•  Learn Steps Involved in Business Idea Generation
•  Basic Thinking Process and Decision Making Method
•  Learn Identifying the Trends
•  Learn Identifying the Market Segment to initiate
•  Learn Basic Calculations of Business Project
•  Learn Decisions of the Successful Business Project 
•  Learn Data Collection of Business Segment
•  Learn Time Projections and Forecasting for Business
•  Learn Creative Thinking

•  The Business Idea Generation Workshop

•  Selling a Business Idea is also a Business
•  Introduction to Business Model
•  Introduction to Business Planning
Every Participant's thinking process shall be evaluated


About the Trainer Mr.Rao, M.Sc :


*  Mr.Rao is Nimsme Certified EDP Trainer and Business Consultant

*  Successful First Generation Entrepreneur

*  Worked as Production Manager, Project Manager, Lecturer in the Past

*  Specialisation in Innovative Business Ideas and Process Ideas 

*  Belives in Non-Conventional Methods rather than Conventional Methods


 Learn How to Generate Business Ideas


Learn Why to and How to Generate Business Ideas:

Business is a successful money-making machine is what prospective businessmen think and sometimes fail to forget the hard work involved in it. It may not include a bossy, crazy beautiful blonde to run around after you, but pretty much everything has to be done by you and none to be impressed.


"Do you Know Business Ideas are not the Gifts of the GOD,

Small Ideas when nurtured well can go from being embryos to giants"


The workforce in major organizations are bound by protocols and policies to be followed and sometimes may not really like them and they start dreaming of setting up their own shop. Thinking isn’t everything. However, it’s the start. An idea needs to be nurtured well enough to give you confidence to start working towards it and if the right efforts are put in, the concept of business could very well make money.


And we're here to help you discover it all


There are some rules to look for, while you are in a phase of setting up how things need to work and what kind of people you need to have. This workshop brings you a trainer who is a well qualified Business consultant, nimsme certified EDP trainer, successful Entrepreneur, applied 60 Patents, Sold 6 IDEAS, was a Production Manager, was a project manager and was a lecturer.



We Reveal all THAT disciplines Here


Here you learn How to Generate business Ideas

"The Process"


As a participant, you will be trained on how to generate successful business ideas and how to get to the core of it based on market trends, the segment, basic calculations, data collection, forecasting, creative thinking, business planning, setting up a business model and more. Each participant may have his / her own ideas that are confidential, you do not need to disclose it at the workshop. Learn, understand and ask questions if you have doubts.



Do Not Reveal Your Business Ideas,

but Do You Want to EVALUATE your Business Ideas



Do You Want to See,

a 'Drastic Change' in Your Life,


Do You Want to Know,

" How to Create Hot New Business Ideas"


Do You Want to Learn,

" How to Get Business Ideas"


Do You Want to Make,

" Most Profitable Business Ideas"



Do You Want to Know,

"Most Successful Small Business Ideas"


 Do You Want to Make,

a 'Turning Point of Your Life',





Learn Business idea generation the process


Apart from these features that factor into your business equation, you can always give out ideas to other people who are in search of one and that can well become your business too. A lot of people have a hard time trying to figure out what to do to make money. These people can be your clients and you may need include a minimum level of background, area of interest, capital and maybe a couple of more aspects. 


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"Book Now, to Discover it All"





“We are addicted to our thoughts,

We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking,

Learn the Thinking Process here for Business Idea generation.” 





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