Success Multiplier Masterclass Mumbai

Success Multiplier Masterclass Mumbai


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About The Event


Newton’s First law states “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” Do you realize the impact your inaction on certain areas of your life, has on your success quotient?  Super Success Masterclass is a special chance for you to take your Success Quotient to next paradigm.


Where ever you may be on the success graph currently, this 1-day Masterclass brings you the Opportunity to learn the techniques of generating Speed Success in your life with following accomplishments:


Get to know your Success Blueprint and the wanted & unwanted programs running your life.
Get the newfound powers to uninstall the viruses and malware that are holding you back from accomplishing what you want.
 Reignite the spark of productivity and performance
 Get in touch with the Real Purpose of your existence in job, business and in life. Make a master plan of your dreams to take your professional and personal life forward.
 Paint a vivid picture of how your professional and personal life will look when you accomplish your dreams
Discover a newfound ability to generate results
 Being Unstoppable in your dreams and objectives
 Creating and leading teams that fire even under the most adverse circumstances
 Create a detailed action plan with important milestones and landmarks
 Put a structure in place to manage your priorities
 Unleash the true potential of being human


This is just the beginning. Experience your success graph ready to take on a new curve as you participate in the lively master class reserved only for the chosen few.


This Educational Leadership Program is internationally priced @ Rs.50,000/- but for you, we have some exciting scholarships. Choose from the two amazing plans designed to give you first taste of success. Claim your chosen Scholarship in the next screen. Just remember your coupon code and hurry, before the seats get full.


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