Studio in a house photography workshop

Studio in a house photography workshop


About The Event

The 'Studio in a house' workshop is a beginner's guide to making professional-looking portrait and product photos using simple and affordable equipment.

The workshop is designed such that at the end of the day:

> You will be confident of taking up portrait and product photography assignments and professionally photograph events such as weddings, birthday parties and family functions

> Save lots of money on equipment because the workshop will introduce you to a wide range of gear available at affordable prices. You will even be counselled about the list of equipment most suited to your needs

>> How will you benefit from this workshop?

- Understand the different types of FLASH available
- Use the flash in its MANUAL mode to control the exposure of the photo
- Understand what makes a GOOD PORTRAIT
- Understand how to fire the flash off-camera using WIRELESS TRIGGERS
- Understand and use LIGHT METERS
- Understand the role of WHITE, GOLD and SILVER reflectors in photography
- Use REFLECTORS while making photos using flash/natural light
- Mixing flash light with natural light for different effects

You do not need to own a flash/triggers or expensive lenses to attend this workshop.

I always advise students to attend the workshop first to get a good idea of the kind of tools available at a wide range of affordable prices.

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