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About The Event

“From Strive to Thrive” Masterclass is “BECOMING THE DIGIPRENEUR “THRIVE” YOUR BUSINESS IN THE DIGITAL SPACE BRANDING MASTER CLASS. The introduction tells about the special learning platform for


a) Business owners.


b) A struggling Entrepreneur.


c) People who want to start a Business.


Why “From Strive to Thrive Masterclass” is CRUCIAL for the Business?


According to, 93% of businesses fail within one year of commencement.

This Masterclass teaches,


a) Why most small startups fail and

b) How to avoid such failures and thrive.


How “From Strive to Thrive” Masterclass will change your life and Business?


After 10 years of understanding the business machinery through several failures and huge success with Aristocrat IT solutions Pvt Ltd. Dr. Azariah Samuel., B.Pharm, M.Tech, MBA, PGDFA., Ph.D., D.Litt. developed a simple method that made the following:

a) Significantly brought down the working hours for Entrepreneurs.

b) Exponentially increased the Income in the business.

In “From Strive to Thrive” Masterclass, Dr. Azariah Samuel reveals the simple and profound ideology as definitive blueprints, document by document.

“Strive to Thrive” Masterclass is a Brick by Brick foundation for your Brand building.

The Brick by Brick gradual tweaks you make in your business idea will change the way operate the business and your life.

Most Businesses are like a beautiful vessel with multiple holes. Most Entrepreneurs just always fight and fix the holes on a daily basis on the beautiful vessel and become constantly tiresome.


“From Strive to Thrive” Masterclass is a proven strategy introduction method to:

1. Replace the broken vessel of business with a 

brand new one.

2. Maximize profit based on tweaking minor changes in the business system.

What will you exactly get from “Strive to Thrive” Masterclass?

The “From Strive to Thrive” Masterclass is executed in 3 parts:

  • Introduction to the “Big Boss mind set Blueprint”: How effective leaders control every parts of their business.
  • Doing the “Heavy Lifting”: What are the strategies to take a business from Strive to thrive automatically with your minimal intervention.
  • Automating all operations and living the dream life - Systems implementing of all business facts and entering into measuring quantifying business through Business Analytics and Business Intelligence.   

Who is the mentor?

Dr. A. Azariah Samuel., B.Pharm, M.Tech., MBA., PGDFA., Ph.D., D.Litt., Founder & Director of Aristocrat group of companies is your mentor. He has nine years of expertise in products & service business arena. He has coached numerous entrepreneurs through the years for success. He now leads a team of 50 and has his corporate head office in following address #4, 2nd floor, Sri Durga Enclave, Natesan Avenue, OMR, Karapakkam, Chennai. Over the years he has accumulated numerous successes and a few failures through which he learned the inner workings of the business machinery.

He is the author of the famous ‘12Bs workshop’ (‘Becoming the Big Boss’ Workshop - A ‘Brick By Brick’ ‘Brand Building Blueprint’ for ‘Business Busy Bees’), which is a proven blue print for business success and a gateway to build a business with little intervention from the business owners.

Act Now! Change Your Life! Thrive Your Business!

Masterclass Investment: Rs 999/-

All the above prices are inclusive of GST Act fast for exciting discounts. Register now. 

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